Not able to complete game with newest version -

Hi there,

Random crushes including BSOD:

I started to get this one:
GUID: d88c3edd-639a-41fc-a50e-78565940652a
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: …s/human/player_bot_unit/player_bot_unit_first_person.lua:106: attempt to call method ‘update_position’ (a nil value)

Seems like bots

Disabled Improved bots - still got the error:
GUID: 8d2db511-cac9-4229-8cac-b137019e8e16
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/entity_system/systems/ai/ai_system.lua:798: attempt to index local ‘bt’ (a nil value) (12.6 KB) (562.6 KB)

Other games are stable without any issues. As my computer is quite OC’ed I did memtest, Furmark (with prime95), CSGO and prime95 tests - and everything was ok (except Vermintide 2).

Am I correct in saying you also posted this in the Steam discussions, and managed to solve your issue by reinstalling? :slight_smile:

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