Scrip&Grim Sound get lost(Banter)

So since in this Game we get much more Voicelines and Talking all teh time, the Scrip&Grim Sound as it is now is not sufficient.
It gets lost really fast and is not loud enough. I turned down Music all the time (but i would really like to have it) to more efficiently or at all hear and get all the Scrips and Grims.
Grims at least Glow, Scrips dont.

So please FS bump up the Scrips sound massively and AoE u can hear it.


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Scripture can be heard enought if you lisent and look around

Grimoir, i mean come on a big green flash ?


Like i said, Scrips are not Loud enough
Like i said Grims can be seen Scrips not.
Enviromental Sound on top, shooting, Banter etc etc.
No if you have to Mute Music, its ot loud enough, sry Buddy!
Not everyone has Good Sound Equipment on Top of that!