Savage sweep, brutal momentum, rampage and slaughterer are all so good

Speaking about blessings that are unintuitive and almost never works, Skullcrusher comes to mind. Almost no weapons that have it can combo fast enough to actually use it, unless the enemy is literally on their ass - in which case they’re likely about to be dead regardless. This makes Ogryns very sad.


its honestly probably the worst blessing out there - maybe shock and awe… but i can’t think of any worse.

I like the on hit +cleave blessing (i can’t be bothered to remember all the different names, is it wrath?) On the mk 15 evisc crit, and the mk 13 chainsword (which should alwaus be built for crits imo). The extra cleave compared to rampage is very noticable to me, especially on the evisc into groups of melee elites. Definitely think it is being downplayed, at least on those weapons, in this thread.

Overall blessing design is just really, really boring and I pretty much hate all of them.

The reason it’s being downplayed is because you don’t damage everything you cleave through or connect with, which is a common misconception.The Evisc XV has has a limit of 4 damaged mobs, though the others still register hits for other stuff. Rampage at least boosts the damage to the 4 damaged and that often has more tangible benefits overall, notice how the 2nd poxwalker also dies from a crit rampage headshot swing and this is without factoring additional buffs.
DT Breakpoint Calc also shows this:

There is a Crit CDR benefit for critting other non-damaged mobs though w/ extra cleave.
If you’re building for crits, odds are you’d be better served by Perfect Strike which has the added bonus of not being stopped by super armor, and crit+cdr+perfect strike loop can be bootstrapped by the ult free crit and the quadrupled cleave kicks in.

P.S. Correct me if I’m wrong, slow brain day. Always verify stuff for yourself in grinder and w/ calc.

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I’ve always been used to perfect strike being bad so it may be worth a try.

I know this already. As you mention later its for the crit cdr mainly, although especially on the mk15 eviscerator the cleave stagger makes hordes much, much easier to handle without taking chip damage.

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Yeah the widespread mentality of “more stagger cleave is useless” is really really dumb IMO.

I want vet shovels to be good, but they just can’t compete with cleaving weapons.

Not really relevant to what I was saying at all, but since you brought it up I enjoy OG Vet shovel quite a bit. Not even a terribly good one, just a purple with good base stats and uncanny. Been running it with plasma with WS and it feels great to me. I can just pull it out and spam lights and it deals with everything under an Ogryn nicely :person_shrugging:

I swear power creep rots peoples’ brains and makes them incapable of enjoying perfectly fine things.

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Fatshark just seems incapable of understanding how things like their blessings actually affect gameplay. They’ve always given hilariously unbalanced options with some giving huge benefits in most situations and others giving tiny ones in almost none, and I just think they need to get the same feedback they’ve been getting for years through their thick heads. Swift Slaying has been the strongest trait in Vermintide every day since the game came out and it’s not even close, and although the Darktide balance isn’t that bad, it still shows the same general issue.

Such as shredder autopistol and bolter getting a +100% power blessing… What insanity that was…

Savage Sweep is useless on 100% of weapons because it doesn’t increase the target hit cap, only the target cleave stat. This is why Brutal Momentum is the best blessing in the game for melee weapons generally, because it straight up makes any weapon completely ignore the target hit cap.

Rampage and Slaughterer are strictly worse than Headtaker, which imo is the best all-around damage blessing for melee weapons.

The actual most OP melee blessing in the game is Uncanny Strike due to how Rending globally makes damage higher, even on things that aren’t wearing Flak or Carapace, while making any weapon universally kill everything.

Uncanny Strike vs Brutal Momentum isn’t a thing because no weapon can get both at the same time.

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Can you elaborate on this? I’m assuming you mean because of proc consistency but even then I don’t think that is globally true. Slaughterer does a lot for Chaxe horde clear IMO and is consistency active in those scenarios, it doesn’t really need it to be active for elite breakpoints anyway.

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Like surgical strike that permits to get 100% chances to land a critic in less than 2 seconds? (yes, you always have other bonus that reduce this time…)

Personally for me it’s the Krourk 4 cleaver I believe (the one with the stabs) that I like, even though there’s objectively no reason to run it. It’s just fun.

This is kind of funny though, you have to admit.

I do think part of it is the very boring and uninspired blessing design. Especially when so many blessings feel basically universal and don’t change your playstyle in the slightest.


It’s the best cleaver, that’s why. Has probably the best enemy coverage with heavy attacks compared to any ogryn melee.

That goes to the shovels with BM. Both the clubs and the Shovels pretty clearly outpreform it, but its still fun to use and is still good.

Yeah TBC though the build was more about finding a setup where I enjoy WS moreso than trying to abuse plasma. Haven’t really found another ranged weapon where refilling clip on melee kills feels as good as I’d like it to. Like I’m using melee a lot with this setup cause TBH the OG shovel just feels pretty nice to me with all those attack speed bonuses.

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Yeah the reload with it is just kind of tacked on and doesn’t do much for me imo, like most of the WS modifier talents. WS for me pretty much purely exists as a melee buff, besides doing a lawbringer special shell crit build.

Hopefully one day we will get a stubber like on the veteran tree artwork, or the ranged bonus will be increased crit chance for a certain amount of time instead of 1 shot. I guess the reload might be good with Zarona as well as getting a guaranteed crit shot?

On-kill blessings are generally giving you damage when you don’t need it. What weapon needs breakpoints on infected and poxwalkers? On Auric and Maelstrom, packs of elites are when you need the damage, and you’re rarely killing efficiently enough to maintain those stacks over a 3 second time period. Meanwhile Headtaker is 100% uptime and works on bosses. If a weapon cannot get Headtaker, such as the Eviserator, then I can understand going with Rampage or another option.


Ok that’s kinda what I guessed. I don’t exactly disagree but I think there are edge cases. I think Chaxe may as well run head taker + slaughterer these days. Breakpoints are so good bleed stack Blessing is whatever. Thrust is overkill unless you really want boss burst. Bonus cleave and stagger from slaughterer feels genuinely useful for safety and horde clear rate.

I feel like Ogryn cleavers also don’t have anything that really outcompetes slaughter.

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