Same Blessing Different Weapon Category ❌

Exact same blessing from different weapon category is not acceptable into other weapon categories why?

Its already hard to find a specific blessing and at higher tiers, why make things even worse?

First Picture is Deathspitter at Braced Autogun that is unlocked, yet not showing in Recon Lasguns.

Second Picture is Pinning Fire unlocked in Autogun Pistol, but not showing in Boltgun.

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To extend playtime through extensive slot machine gambling


Terrible game design, you should see what they’ve done with infernus :smiley:

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Are you not RETAINED?!


Honestly, this screwed me really early on. I thought blessings weren’t locked to weapon types. Why would they be? That would be weird.

So when I was hunting for thrust for my thunder hammer I saw tier 4 thrust on a billy club and went for it.

Imagine my disappointment at the wasted resources )=

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@FatsharkCatfish this is something that should be addressed in some fashion.

Either blessings can have different names, despite having the same effect on different weapon categories or they shouldn’t be silo’d to spare people the confusion…

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No, but i thought you know Shredder auto pistol, is alone in its category , and all 3 classes do have it.

While Bolter for Zealot/Sharpshooter.

but it seems all weapons are the same, sadly from start I made an excuse for the bolter/auto pistol.

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