Saltzy lost his quarters and Kruber's his ones moved

For whoever hasn’t noticed yet, the old armory in the main hall of the keep is now closed and something’s under construction.

Same with the dungeons below, so there’s no more room for Saltzpyre.

Kruber’s quarters were just adjacent to the armory and you could enter them from a door in it. Now they are moved in an upper part of the keep.

The Armory and Forge were moved to the courtyard with the scarecrow.

Saltzpyre’s room was also moved and it’s somewhere near the Armory and Forge.

So, go to the area with the training dummies, go up the stairs to the right. I believe you’ll find what you’re looking for there.

I think the reason why everything is being moved is because FS is making room for the new expansion known as Chaos Wastes.

This makes me fear it’s another separate game mode like Weaves… but I hope not!

Despite the fact I thought Weaves was a great idea, it just wasn’t implemented properly.

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