Who use the Forge?

I always assumed it was only Bardin that used the keeps Forge, but I learned today that Saltzpyre is the son of a Blacksmith and used to be his apprentice ?

Do Saltzpyre and Bardin bond of Weapon and tool crafting while waiting in between mission ?

It´s not unlikely that all of them know how to use the grindstone as well as tools for basic armor maintenance although the specifics of that beyond cleaning&oiling eludes me.

But as for who does the crafting, likely only Bardin if any of them given that blacksmithing is a craft with a great deal of depth and an apprentice like Saltz would not be clear on it, especially not after spending many years with the witch hunters.

What i can however imagine is Bardin having Kruber as his assistant or them just chatting around while one of them is working around there, those two seem like the ones who talk with eachother the most.

If nothing else they drink together the most : P

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