Salty Ranged Weapon

Anyone who knows anything about warhammer knows Witch Hunters very commonly use twin hand crossbows. This could be fun ingame but perhaps a bit too similar to just a really weak and reload every two shots brace of pistols. So let’s spice it up a bit. Twin hand crossbows that reload every two shots…with exploding bolts. Could act like a fun new ranged for Salty. I’m not talking bomb level explosion but it could give him a nice area of affect…vaguely shotgunish weapon besides the repeater pistol or repeater crossbow’s alt fire. Thoughts?

I see it being a LITTLE bit thematically like Bardin’s grudge raker. But less outright damage at close range but when the bolt hits it does fairly good splash and knockback to trash mobs…think shotgun type control weapon, but trades a bit of damage, for range.

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Sounds great! Axe-pistol is another loreful weapon choice :wink:

Ok, so I’m biased. But here’s something crossbow related: switchable ammo types. Press the weapon-special key to cycle through different kinds of bolts tailored to the discerning witch hunter’s needs. Make the ammo count hagbane levels of scarce with the trade off that each variation of bolts is impactful and full of Sigmar’s blessings.

Not super familiar with whc lore, but I’m sure there exists things like explody bolts, fiery bolts, serrated bolts, perhaps even soapy bolts to ruin a blightstormer’s day?

Be like a fanatical Judge Dredd

Edit: also a twin crossbow weapon should be class locked to WHC and/or BH

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And third hand for reloading pls

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