Ryzen 7 5800x3D

Hey guys,
because I couldnt find any information about this Processor and how it scales with V2 (besides a non saying youtube video) I write my experiences with it. Maybe this helps others who are wondering why they get huge fps-drops in this game and/or think about getting an upgrade.

With my old 5600x I got frequently fps-drops down to around 80 (2k resolution) in big Hordes+Monster/s+Specials. Changing settings didnt help much (maybe a few single frames, except the resolution, but I dont like to play on 1080p). Because my gpu is a 6800xt (should be more than enough for V2) I thought it might be the processor (read before that V2 is very Processor hungry). So I bought a 5800x3D this morning - and guys I was right.
The max fps didnt increase much but the minimum are above 120 in Hordes with all the other stuff now and its a very smoothy gameplay.

HF playing and stay alive! :slight_smile: