Running past healing supplies on legend

Ive been noticing a trend lately that people run past healing supplies on legend even if they have a slot free (aka not carrying a tome). Ive seen this before on lower difficulty levels but i didnt think it was an issue worth talking about then. Legend is the hardest difficulty right now and win rates are not exactly very good. Ive found 2 out of 3 games are wipes.

When the game is already so difficult that a victory is rare, why on earth would you run past healing supplies that can be useful later on?

When i asked a person about why, he said something like: “Its not necessary when everyone has full / green health”

This is a poor and selfish attitude because a teammate might need healing later on, and because you did not pick it up he wont have it. He might be able to survive the match with wipe health or he will simply die.

Is it not obvious that the less people who are alive, the worse the chances of finishing a level?

cos they bad

btw i think this thread should be in the lounge.

Agreed it should be in the lounge.

If everyone is green, I’ll strongly suggest that running back to an earlier med pack is death. If the whole party has to pause so I or someone else can get it, the time it takes to go back often results in badness. There is no excuse for running passed a health pot/pack and deliberately leaving it though.

I’ve seen a lot of wipes in pug’s and semi formal groups, caused as someone is not aware that one of the other players has split off to go back for some pickup.

Bad is such a easy and lazy label to use. Why not be more specific?

Also in regards to this thread, i wasnt sure where to put it. This doesnt directly relate to game design but its more about the vermintide community. I looked through this forum category and saw someone had posted a thread about being kicked. Since that was a community issue and because nobody was complaining that it was in the wrong section, I figured i would put this here.

omg, i have been given permission to be verbose! here i go!

-deep breath-

some people are running natural bond and think that running past healing supplies will force other people to pick up and use pots on the spot another reason might be they’re so used to running tomes that they forget to check whether they have one and don’t stop to pick up a healing potion or maybe they expect their teammates to heal them instead because they think they’re so badass and are carrying the run or maybe they have absolute faith in the entire party to do the run without taking a lot of damage or maybe they think that temp hp on kills is enough to sustain them the whole run through or perhaps they just didn’t even see the potion and can’t hear pings or think that they can heal up at the next confirmed spawn of healing supplies or they just wanna get more green circles so screw healing more dps

or mebbe they just bad.


Weil i personally dont take a pot too,but i play nature bond on every char and try to get the first tome so or so.
I mostly get it the other way… I tell ppl they should leave me the tome and take the pot, but they dont care. The last game the same guy just used his speedpot to run to the grim and didnt give it to anybody else. Well… the game ended for him there. He killed me with FF ( i was Full health) , but hey… I was host and just started a new one, since the other 2 ppl didnt want to kick this guy.

I think you (this post) and some guys like you told, take this game to serious. If youre mind with somebody, kick or leave… (if youre Host, pls care for your mates^^)

I had enough “serious” ppl in my Games. They stood 10min on the first field of against the grain and killed all there (was a legend deed). Just to be Sure, no little patrol could engage with a Horde…
Or 2 guys cried for discord/ voicechat and tried to teach me , that challenges are made for premades with discord… (after i asked for a try)
They even shitstormed our elf for not taking a tome…
I told them gg , dont take games that serious and left after game…
And thats it… Just a Game… if youre mind with selfish/ stubborn ppl on the Internet , just Go next…
Dont be upset about them… this “pc-world” lives from ppl, that dont know anything else.^^

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I agree that some people take the game too seriously (by the way, kicking because somedoy didn’t take the heal is Taking the game too seriously for me xD).

BUT, a lot of people actually don’t take this game seriously enough, and run around like they were trying to prove that they are indeed mayflies, and end up screwing the run.
I’ve come recently to understand some of these guys (not the green circle chaser tho, just some of them).

During the double xp weekend, I was leveling my other character, on which I’m… Not as good you’d guess.
I was taking a lot more damage and killed way less ennemies, not tanking either. I didn’t really wanted the green circle, but it started to annoy me how bad I was, and how useless I was to my mates. Well I tried harder, and it ended up in me going solo, doing some actual proper plays, and then get killed alone.

So I guess some people just feel they’re not doing good and want to change that, by running natural bond it allows them to pass the heal (it shouldn’t but whatever) and feel more useful, even if they are actually throwing.

Or maybe they are just bad.

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Yeah kick because of a heal is no reason , but FF is.^^

Its ok to try better, but to improve your Skills, you should play private with bots. I personally dont care if you go for it in legend qp too ( lvld my chars there and got often instakicked^^), but your skill and experience will raise faster in “solo” Matches.

And Yeah, NB is really strong if you dont get hüt that much.

Some people are just bad though… and they don’t understand the game, or even simple mechanics and strategies. I’ve been kicked on against the grain for standing in the house where the first grim is. One person died to a boss right before this and now a horde spawned and I could hear an assassin. My two team mates that are still alive run out into the open, out of the house, and die ofc. Because the assassin pounces one of them and the other guy was on temp HP. I take the entire horde in the house, the assassin and the other specials that pop up. Only to get told that I’m bad and “not team player”, proceeded by a kick. lol

Speaking of potions, if I see another person has a free slot. I normally won’t take the potion on the elf simply because I can regen HP at least to half.

As for Natural bond, do people actually use that on legend? Once I found out that the 30% more healing trait also affects temp HP gain, I never thought about using anything else.

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Blockquote I think you (this post) and some guys like you told, take this game to serious. If youre mind with somebody, kick or leave… (if youre Host, pls care for your mates^^)

The problem is, how do you determine whether someone is being too serious or not?

In regards to kicking, its rarely an option since since its vote kick based. Even if you DO manage to kick the offender it changes very little. He is not going to learn what he did “wrong” that got him kicked. He will simply continue his behavior in another game.

It’s not very hard to kick someone. If you’re playing with at least 1 other person, 99% of the time it only takes your 2 votes to kick. The 3rd pub doesn’t normally bother to vote or doesn’t know how, so it’s 2 vs 1.

Nothing will change if nobody reacts. If he/she will be kicked over and over again, he/she will learn or leave.
I personally give some advice to the ppl, if they start being rude because of that (like i told ff in purpose) , ill kick them or ill leave. The most ppl know their behavior, but they dont give a udhfbdj about that. They even try: “its your fault etc.”.
Just look at lol… everyone feels “free” in the internet and the most are just like stubborn Kids, if someone gives some advice or got another mind.

I’ve noticed the same thing myself. The quality of legend players has decreased dramatically over time. I’d really like it if they had a harder version we could play with NO changes in loot at all compared to legend. Could avoid the baddies a little more then :stuck_out_tongue:

I almost always run natural bond because I rarely ever need to heal. In the few occasions I get pounced by an assassin or something and it takes more than a second to my team to free me, there’s probably a heal kit on us or coming up at some point.

If other people have open slots, I’ll leave the heal on the ground and ping it. If I’m the only one with an open slot, I’ll grab it. Though, I usually snag the first tome and carry it for the run.

I have noticed, though, some people that don’t pick up heals, have nothing in the slot, and clearly are not regenerating. They are just… baffling. That’s definitely a big step on the path to getting the boot in my group. My groups can usually carry one nub through a legend run, but you better believe they aren’t going to be there for the next.


i run solo legend all the time, but for carrying weaker players is still better than playing with bots at least. it’s kinda fun sometimes, getting to understand what the player is weak in and trying to adapt your playstyle so you can work around it, eg. if they like to rush i will cover their backs, if they are unsure and hang back then i will take the lead, if they’re terrible at specials i will hunt them down and let them handle the horde

but the thing i can’t stand are toxic players. like if they just start blaming things on everyone else when they can’t even see that they r bad lol

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