Rtx 3060 needed?

Game still looks good even on lowest settings, im not on a 3060 (actually a generation lower) and i still run it on good FPS
but i do have a strong CPU and i use Nvidia DLSS
if you use DLSS (need a card that supports it) you run the game fine

i am never using upscaling crap no thanks

there is no way anything can run this game in 4k/120, you must be lying

So I made some tests.
Difference between low and high settings is not really big on my system.
Only in fights it can dip to 30 FPS or something.

But I noticed something weird.
I have VSync off, frame limit unlimited.

I compared in the hub … just looking the same direction:

So, I put everything on high and 1080p.
My CPU usage was around 70% or something.
GPU usage was around 50-60%.
I had petty constant 60 FPS.

Then I put it on high and 1440p.
My CPU usage went up a bit to around 80%.
My GPU usage went up to 85-95%.
But I still had pretty constant 60 FPS.

I watched my CPU and GPU usage in a mission and I’m pretty sure half the time the overall usage is around 50-70%.

It feels like there is a frame limit somewhere in the rendering pipeline that shouldn’t be there.
It feels like that frame limit is 60.
It kinda feels like that frame limit is applied before some other stuff is actually rendered, lowering the target FPS below 60.

Could it be that VSync is always on for some reason?
The way certain VSync implementation work if it can’t handle the 60 FPS it would dip down to the next level which would be 30 I guess.

If the CPU and GPU usage differ on different resolutions but the FPS stay the same there must be a frame limit somewhere.

Or maybe the game performance is tied to a server tick rate?

I’ve got a GTX 1080 with 32 GB of ram, SSD, and I forget what the specs are on my AMD CPU. But the CUP is from like 4 or 5 years ago. I get about 40-50 FPS on intense engagements. 50-60 when just chilling or sitting in the morning star. I run on the lowest settings (it still looks great tbh)

yeah old i7-6700k and a 1080 , there were a couple of missions in the first two days of beta that lagged but they seem to have been removed , in really big engagements i do notice it get unsmooth but its always playable and outside of those stress moments its smooth.

it seems more often than not those with issues have a 30 or 40 series. ray tracing or dlss maybe?

I completely endorse. Please fatshark: implement the recent version of FSR (2.2) and use DXR-compatibel RT so all of your paying customers may use RT. The game deserves it. Thank you in advance.

I got a 3070 and while I had a decent 100-120 fps during downtime, it could drop down to 60-80 during hordes. I still experienced sudden crashes. Didn’t crash nearly as much as I got disconnected from server issues cause it sure as hell ain’t my 500/500 fiber internet over cable.