Rotblood Symbols

So what do you call them when explaining what button to press to open the door and does anyone know what they actually mean?

Here is what I call them,

Triangle image

Circle image

And my favourite,



I call them triangle with cross (though, it’s probably easier just to call it “triangle” now that I think about it), circle with cross, and circle with tentacles.

I’ve also had people whom adamantly refer to the last one as a “claw”, though that resemblance didn’t strike me until at least after they pointed it out.

As to what they mean, no clue. I would assume they are Norscan runes, but otherwise, no information on them as far as I can tell.


Ye, first time when i saw last one, i was like source


I call the last one “the metroid”, but the others are just triangle and cross.

Everyone knows its Doritos, crosshair and tentacles. It’s never been an issue except for this one french guy, but I mean, he was french so…yea…

Triangle , cross and guy with tie

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The community, however, end up with triangle, cross and claw, cause its shorter to type and spell

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Triangle, circle or crosshair, and claw.

Btw on that subject, I feel like it’s not common knowledge, but you should only have to check and type the second door symbol.

  1. Get down the platform, remember the symbol. Fail until you get the grim.
  2. Press symbol 1
  3. Someone get upstairs and tells you the second symbol
  4. Press second symbol, then the only one who hasn’t been pressed



Yea, I always open the first then do one of the other two which gets the door to the grim open anyway. Obviously, last one is the last door XD

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Ah indeed x) I’m a bit “scared” of doing that since that day where I did a run with a group that randomly pushed buttons (even the first one) and ended up opening the three doors without getting access to the grim xD

Triangle, crosshair and Metroid for me.

What? I call it Zoidberg and everyone knows which one I mean.


I play with (local) friends, so our callouts are in Finnish, but direct translations would be “triangle”, “cross”, and “octopus”.

I heard “Cthulhu” for third symbol.


I’ve heard this as well. Even had someone say, “hentai monster” over in game VOIP and I knew which one they meant lol…

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squid, crosshair, triangle

Honestly, I don’t even care anymore, I just press the same one over and over, until the grim room opens and then I just continue pressing them randomly, until all doors are open.

But the names I usually come across are:
triangle, cross/circle, spider/squid

( 11months no post here but only joined the forum yesterday so enjoying some topic browsingv)
Tri, Cross and RedEye
Most of the times resolving in ??? remarks from squadies…
Probably cause it reminds me of the red eye tribes crest (although not part of the forces of chaos, still secretly hoping that one day a secret gobbo/orc encampment will be worked into a map/dlc :upside_down_face: heretics will be heretics… )




Sorcerers of the Red Eye / Cult of the Red Eye --> from WarScape

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Triangle, Target & Squid :open_mouth: