Rifle bayonet rework/buff

Using the hellbore is fun but the bayonet just kinda sucks once enemy’s have so much health on high difficulty it’s faster to swap to melee deal with the 1 or 2 stragglers and swap back.

You now have your regular stabs you just spam to kill stuff and that doesn’t change.
My idea is you hold it down and you keep the gun extended out and stabbed into what you hit.
It locks into the enemy like the chain weapons do.
You then can shoot or charge up fully and shoot and once you do the gun is removed from them and they get knocked back or die.

Maybe make it ignore armor because it would be sick charging at a crusher with fixed bayonets and then pumping charged shots into them from melee range.


My idea was to make the bayonet your main melee, if you wanted, by allowing you to equip it in both slots and swap super fast (since you are already holding it, call it a grip change) and just do bayoneted rifle as full melee.

But I do agree it needs a buff reguardless.

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It needs a heavy buff to the damage so you can kill normal enemies(not specials or elites) with one strike, because by its nature it can only hit one enemy at a time.


IMO there are two good ways to do hybrid weapons.

1- Ogyrn Grenadier gauntlet style with left click melee chains and right click to aim, only shoot while aiming. Weapon special per weapon.

2- Weapon special is a toggle between melee mode and ranged mode.

For bayonets, using weapon special while sprinting should start a high damage, AP bayonet charge. (Like Rising Storm)

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I don’t think there is currently really a point to having a melee secondary on your ranged weapon because swapping to your melee weapon is always just as fast, and the attacks are not strong enough anyways to have any advantage over simply shooting at engagement distance.

I’m not sure how this can be fixed either, because I don’t like the idea of making the melee attack on a ranged weapon so good that using it becomes beneficial. It’s supposed to be a fallback, a desperation move, not something you try to do on purpose all the time because it has some drastic payoff.

So, the only way to make that weird little one-off melee attack relevant without making it somehow stronger than your actual melee weapon would be to make switching to your melee weapon take much longer, which would make the whole game feel a lot worse.

For most weapons they would be better off with a different special.

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I agree with you there it’s kinda pointless to have better damage than a melee even though it can’t block.
That’s why I want it to be more of a stab single poxers and have utility out side of that.

Utility been some kinda advantages like stab into enemies so your shots can’t miss or like the other guy above said a running charge.
Don’t tell me you wouldn’t want to stab a bulwark in the head then blast his brains out point blank.

I don’t know. I use force staves a lot, which have a really useless melee attack as their special. It even has its own attack chain because I think force staves used to go into your melee slot at some point.

There is absolutely nothing I can think of that could be done with it to make it worthwhile. Having some kind of third psy power would be way better than the ability to bonk someone.

I think it’s pretty much the same for most other weapons. Like, with Revolvers it would probably be better to have the ability to switch ammo types or something than to be able to whack someone with it.

Yeah but you can always make all moves better.
Imagine if you had your staff and the fire staff set enemy’s on fire the lighting one would electrocute them warp staff pushes enemy’s to the ground and have another one do warp slashes like a melee weapon.

It would be great but it can’t replace melee since melee has block the most important ability to have in melee.

Yea, but it leads back to the same issue. In order for me to use it instead of simply switching to my melee weapon or simply shooting the enemy point blank it has to do something that is both better than my melee weapon and my ranged attack. Why should a ranged weapon special be a super melee attack?

Because it leaves you without block.

because… bayonet :upside_down_face:

So every time one of my team mates is fighting an ogryn, a hound or a mutant and I move in to attack the thing from behind I should be using my ranged weapon to melee it, because the attack is more powerful than shooting, more powerful than my melee weapon, and I don’t need to block in that situation? What if my team mate is tanking a demonhost? Should I be meleeing it with a revolver?

Would love this with the ogryn break action shotgun/grenade launcher. One gun, two kinds of ammo.

But I still want to hit people. Think it needs another button for ammo change, or another button combo if console controller is too big an issue.