Hybrid Weapon Wielding

LasGun Pistol/Revolver would be a good choice to pick if it was wielded with a Sword or even a shovel.
similar to how Saltzpyre Rapier & Pistol was.

When selecting any one handed melee, an option to add a secondary weaponry to it. it would changes the combos, and result in less heavy attack damage due to the use of a single hand.
also gives more weapon options to play with.

How to implement?

  1. Pressing Special Attack changes mode.

on Special Attack press, Left Mouse Button shots, Right Mouse Button Zooms in or ADS.
pressing Special attack again changes it back to melee mode.

  1. Pressing Special Attack shots ranged.
    Special Attack instantly shots the ranged weapon.

Good idea. I think bayonets should be a switched mode as well instead of just a quick attack on the lasguns that you can block/melee with.


Chainsword and laspistol (for the Ciaphas Cain experience) and Chainsword and Boltpistol (for the classic Commissar Experience)

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