Rework talents bardin engineer

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AT FULL STEAM: the power
bonus only activates after the first ranged shot, similar to the level 10 talent: combo weapons

EXPERIMENTAL STEAM CAPACITORS: Pressure builds are not removed upon reaching full charge or firing the manual steam machine gun (mkII), each build increases the cooldown of draconic weapons by 10% (if the skill bar is full, still can generate stacks for the draconic weapon)


BOMBER: REWORK, this talent now transforms into
CONTROLLED FLAMES: the higher the draconic weapons overload the faster the career skill regeneration 20%/40%/60%/80%
(When forcing a draconic weapon to cool down, bardin takes no damage and transfers 30% pressure to career skill, can only be done every 20 seconds)

Now that talent turns into
STEAM POWER: Every 10 seconds the first heavy attack deals AoE damage costing 15% skill bar
//////the talent of level 25 piston power, will be the engineer’s hammer special


Gunsmith: Increases ammo capacity by 30%

spotter: REMOVED, this perk is now the old level 25 BOMBER talent

Visual change:
The gauge on the machine gun goes up a little higher, so the player can see it whenever he has the machine gun in his hand, and know the skill bar


I like every suggestion.

I also like the idea that OE gets drakefire perks; they’re suspiciously missing from him. I have a feeling this was intentional for some reason or another.

Excellent idea with the Controlled Flames talent. A decent tradeoff which could open up all kinds of new playstyles involving drakefire weapons; especially with how it works alongside your idea for Experimental Steam Capacitors. You could get a sort of synergy going between cooldown for drakefire and pressure for the steam-crank gun.

If Fatshark does nothing else with OE besides replacing Spotter with the level 25 Bomber talent and replacing the Bomber talent with your suggestion, I’d be pretty happy.

EDIT: I’ll add that OE is kinda too slow to be so squishy. The Ranger Vet has high damage output, but with a lot more defensive options than OE (e.g. invisibility, movement speed, reload speed). With OE I’ve switched to almost exclusively using the Ablative Armor stacks since without, it’s just far too easy to get hit between actions. Everytime I see an Engineer on the team, I always know we have a liability unless that Engineer player is really really good.

To counter this, I’d suggest simply upping OE’s health to 125.

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