Outcast Engineer recast

Like many other characters that require a “Big Balance Bêta”, the outcast engineer must be reviewed for certain points.

Second line of talents:

Talent 1:
● Decisive shot: From 1 in 5 Critical Strike to 1 in 4 Critical Strike.

Talent 3:
● Combined weapons: Increased melee power by 15% instead of 10% (Ranged power remains unchanged)

Fourth line of talent:

Maximum steam:
● Instead of gaining 15% powers at the end, gain 3% powers per charge up to 15%.

  • Fifth line:

  • The idea of ​​Piston power is very good, but it needs to be reworked across the board:

  • That he can use his big mechanical left arm as an attack to knock back an enemy using the special attack button, unfortunately this charged attack based talent is too punishing instead of a bonus. Forced sometimes not to make a charged attack so as not to consume the bonus which has 15 seconds of cooldown.

  • We’re going to keep this talent and put it from the start as a passive for the Outcast Engineer so that he can, starting at level 1, be able to fend off a type like a CW every 15 seconds thanks to his special attack.

Power Piston Upgrade Line Talents:

Talent 1: Engineer’s Fury (Perfect for fending off the horde and taking out with ratata)
● Piston power And able to repel a crowd in front of him (15sec/cdr)

Talent 2: Perfect combo
● After knocking back avec Piston power an enemy, your next charged attack will automatically be a critical hit and has 15% additional melee power. (6sec/cdr)

Talent 3: Anvil blow
● Piston power Able to repel a boss. (10sec/cdr)

The last line for the ultimates is also to be edited at least for the first 2, because the 3rd choice is very good but makes the other two points jealous because of the 2 bonuses that it has as a capacity bar + 50% and kill a Special allows you to shoot for 4 sec (12 sec because of the bug). So we are going to modify the other 2, so that they are also viable.

  • SO, the two talents will keep their basic talents but we will add a bonus to them for better performances and that the players can make better choices instead of the “ULTIMATE” talent point.

Talent 1: Gromril tackle shot:

● Using the entire ability bar at once, allows your last shot to be an explosive shot (AOE)

Talent 2: Bound Compression Chamber:

● Every 15 enemies killed by your “Steam Crank Rifle” gives you 1 extra shot for each shot of your “Steam Crank Rifle”.

  • Here are my suggestions, which could make him a better ally. I hope it will be reconsidered that this premium career requires better work. This career has good skills but too punitive for his team.

I like this career, but in cataclysm (see more) he is not too viable, but thanks to that he could be at the same level as the others and better, he could challenge the GK and the SoTT!

Please Fatshark! that would be wonderful for this career!

Thank you.

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If they really would want to rework him, his steam gun should be made a range weapon, and a proper career skill should be put on him.
Since that is never going to happen, taking the rebalance mod route of reducing the needed cranking by alot, buffing his DR, and changing Gromnil Plated into a rapid fire Handgun seems to be the route to go.

He doesnt need any more damage. Engi already eats Monsters for breakfast, and doesnt respect any number of Elites, apart from super armored ones.

The reason you don’t see him alot in QP cata is because he cant easily escape from bad situations himself and slows down the group on the search for juicy lines of enemies. His general killing power is way over the top, even for standard cata.

The biggest trouble he faces in official is that IB can also wield the Trollhammer, and that Pistol Ranger is doing Engis job, just with an added safety net and massive team support.


Don’t know what to say other than that OE is a fine class. He doesn’t need a buff.

Making level 20 talents other than Experimental Steam Capacitors worthwhile would be nice though. Frankly ESC should just be inherent to the class

This is a bad class because he kills all the little vermin that allow you to recover THP, he has no survival or mobility skills. It is strong yes, in legend or the difficulties inferior to the legend. But given the players with experience who have more than 2000 hours like me, who do cataclysm with deed or twitch see both at the same time + Cataclysm 3 is career does not have the level.

He has -25% damage reduction as long as you only take a hit once in a while, which is all you should be taking (and all you can take in cata). It’s not amazing but it definitely counts as a survival skill.

If you can’t dodge properly without mobility skills or high dodge weapons then you need to git gud.

Killing things is never bad, it means you take less damage.

You’ll never convince people here of anything being “bad” only OP or that you need to look inward. As far as I’m concerned, OE is cool but gets tedious and the constant need for cranking to maintain ULT uptime is annoying as hell. And why the hell didn’t they give him a deployable turret??? “Cause were different” OKBUDDYRE-

And I’ve never seen an ability that’s downright useless against armor UNLESS you take a certain level 30 talent. He’s less safe as far as ranged classes in general go since using the Crankgun always puts you at risk and the bugs for instaspawning slave rat hitting you from nowhere STILL plagues this game from time to time.

At the same time, if I wanted ranged Monster DPS I would have picked something else to be honest. Plenty of other classes pack Monster Killer power with or without an OP ability and to be honest quick monster killing isn’t all that necessary especially if you fight something in phases OR making a monster useless with constant aggro switching works too.

So is this something you do all the time with every class? Gotta ask since you can’t expect FS to buff OE just because he needs to be viable up to the hardest unofficial difficulty. Cata is their limit and I would argue Legend is the sweetspot in terms of balance.


Have you actually read any of the various threads on OE here? It’s a pretty popular opinion that he’s on the weak side. Personally if we’re talking about official difficulties I’d say it’s more that he’s too much work for what he does, and, as you also said, he’s kinda tedious to play.

I really like what the onslaught tourney rebalance mod did with him, though I’d say they went a bit too far with Gromril plated shots. That things mows down Chaos patrols too easily on base Cata (not really criticising the mod, it is designed for the onslaught tourney after all). Regardless a lot of the changes they implemented for OE I’d love to see in base game, but I’d definitely also like to see piston power reworked to give you more control over when you proc it.

Gromril in modded is still tamer than Trollpedo in official.

You kind of need firepower on a career that has no Talent that ensures survival, or other means of team support. Compared to modded Pyro, which is another career that said yes to killpower and forgot to lift its hand when the survivability was getting handed out, Engi is rather fine.

Engis biggest problem in official is that his competition, Pistol Ranger and Trollpedo IB, deal with the same situations Engi would be useful in, without any kind of fear to get stuck, or overwhelmed.
(Thats why the rebalance nerfs pistol monster damage, Trollpedo damage, and buffs Engis quality of life, plus some changes to the last line to not make infinite ammo on special kills a no brainer.)

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Perhaps, but they also nerfed trollpedo pretty hard in the mod so I’m not quite sure what your point is there.

On that note I haven’t played any trollpedo yet, what exactly is so strong about it in official? It seems very limited by its ammo, especially on IB, and has a pretty darn long reload time as well. Not arguing, just genuinely don’t know what’s so amazing about it in official and would love to be educated on the matter.

Regarding GPS I just think the modded version is a bit too much for official difficulties considering all the stuff that was (reasonably) brought down to be more in line.

if you’re good with headshotting, conservative shooter lets you clown through the game pretty hard with trollhammer, you’ll also pretty much one shot any given clump of elites. It’s also not hard to just headshot into hordes either tbh


I see. Thanks for explaining. Did anyone still run it in the Onslaught Tourney? My mate was playing around with it and the removal of trinket trait interactions seemed a little too far but we’re by no means modded difficulty level players so rather curious if it still got good use in the modded version.

I haven’t actually I was going off the general feel I get from the other balance discussion threads. I stand corrected if what I say isn’t the case.

The more I hear about how Engi suffers in situations like these, the more I brainstorm how he could be completely reworked into a frontline support class. I may make a thread about it when I have the time but as it stands, the first time I saw him I thought he would have been similar to the Age of Reckoning MMO Engineer class. I posted a GIF of how he appears and fights in the cinematic trailers. I don’t hate FS take on an engineer class for Bardin but I think it could have been a lot better.

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I don’t think he even needs that much of a rework to have that as a decently viable build option. Give Linked Compression Chambers a strong push on right click since it has no use for spinning up, then give pistol power a lower cooldown and better activation trigger (preferably something that allows it to be procced with Minigun in hand), lastly buff his base HP up to 125 since he’s pretty well armoured. I think those could work quite nicely together to do something along the lines of what you’re talking about while saving some mostly dead talents.

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On my Outcast, I did a build with only power on this character. With “Combined weapons” + “Maximum Steam” as well as its Observer passive it is already at 40% power. Then I put on 10% trinket against chaos / skaven and on his ranged weapon 10% bosses / armor of powers. And you add the 7.5% power of the lv 15 talent.

Basically, in cataclysm with build + a concoction you can two shoot a stormfiend with 2 headshots (Without making a critical shot) Because boss counts as an armored boss and you are at 77.5% power + the concoction you gonna put shots at 1,200 damage. (You crush the double shots of BH)

My goal, being when I play with my group, is to quickly kill the bosses, especially in Cataclysm difficulty with the mod twitch at full blast.

But to be more serious, if this career has to be retouched, it would be at level 25. And let him do what I suggested with his arm.

Because, seriously. Did you see the size of his arm? He’s just using it for his “Steam Crank Rifle” which is a shame, he must have been potential. And I really hope this system would be done!

ngl I forget what was ran in the tourney but I know for just general dwons runs with the mod, trollhammer sees a lot of use still

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Atleast one of the winner teams from the Cata3dwons used Trollpedo IB on every map.

The nerfed trollpedo still deals good damage, destroys banners, yeets bosses, and staggers large groups of elites, including specials that are hidden inside.

@Incandescent Totally offtopic, but since you don’t know, the aftermath/tactics/discussion/thingy stream doesnt happen? Or did I just miss it?

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haven’t had the chance to work on it, sadly, bunch of stuff came up

I’d like to still do it, time permitting ofc

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