Outcast Engineer - Piston Power

I think there should be damage increase on this attack, like 10-20%.
The talent is really cool but it’s a bummer that you hit so hard you can stagger a monster but you still do the same damage.
Or maybe make it a guaranteed crit.


Or add an expanded functionality by making it apply to your counter (the hit you automatically deploy if you hold down push) for a massive wave of stagger in a wide arc. It’s not increased damage, but it’d be nice to have an ability to create some breathing room once in a while.

I agree that while the talent is pretty useful, it’s effect certainly does not warrant a 15 second cooldown. The effect is pretty strong in its own right, and I think the only two adjustments should be

  1. 10 second cooldown
  2. Massive increase in cleave, also.

AOE knockback would justify the cooldown, currently Piston Power is weapon specific as it only staggers enemies within the charge attacks mass limit.


This is specific to the coghammer though, isn’t it ?
If you use a 2H hammer, the heavy attack is a horizontal swipe and certainly has the massive stagger on all enemies hit ? (I haven’t played with it at all yet, so just saying)

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