Piston Power talent rework

Piston power is a really cool talent but in my opinion it is a bit lacking and I am here to propose a little buff to it.

Piston power retains it’s former effect and 15s cd but in addition:

  • while performing a vertical heavy attack, the attack instantly kills any man-sized or smaller enemy and deals 15% more damage to anything bigger.

  • while performing a horizontal heavy attack, cleave power is boosted by 50% (idk how much it should be honestly as I am not proficient in cleave power scaling) (switching attacks mass modifier could also be cool but idk if that wouldn’t be too much work, like turning 2h axe’s cleave to 2h sword’s cleave for one attack)

I’d like to see an area effect stagger, like on Sienna’s fire flail heavy 1, at least for the overhead attacks (Cog Hammer, 1H hammer, not sure about 1H axe). I like your increased cleave idea for the horizontal heavies. OE’s mechanical arm seems to have no purpose other than looking cool. A sound of venting steam or something similar when Piston Power activates would be nice.

Well the purpose of the mechanical arm is being able to move around the crank gun with ease.
But I see what you mean. I just want to be fair to the design :stuck_out_tongue:

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