Returning Player from WoM betas missing Skull Sworn frame

Apologies for this news being rather outdated and likely old hat, but. After playing in both of the closed Winds of Magic betas, I took a rather long break from the game. Just recently I’ve returned and noticed that I never received the Skull Sworn portrait frame that was a promised reward for my participation. I have the email still showing what it looks like and indicating that it should have been received. I know it was a bug for a while and was wondering if there was any way it could still show up for me at some point.

A previous topic had this issue listed too, Skull Sworn portrait frame for WoM beta testers not yet received


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What is the URL to your Steam profile, @Folferz?

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Thanks for looking into this for me.

I should get this one too but it’s missing. Pls Fatshark help me :disappointed_relieved:

Here is my Steam URL

Best regards.

Thank you, I can see you participated in the Winds of Magic Beta. I’ve added the Skull-Sworn to your inventory.

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Unfortunately, I’m not able to verify that you participated in the Winds of Magic Beta as your account data does not reflect this.

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Thanks so much for your help! I really appreciate it. Keep being awesome. :smiley:

Oh well. That’s ok i guess :confused:

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