Retired Darktide Player Questionnaire

Listen, there are plenty of reasons to play a game not been worth.

My point in the first post is that you must get to lvl 30 which is a must to enjoy the game at his real potential and why tons most of people started playing. The same reason that the statistics that showed one of the players in this thread demostrate. What makes the game really fun is the possibility to try diferent builds. I’m not even talking about rng missions, etc…

So, a game with 4 classes poorly designed with few differences btw them and not having real talent trees that make choices matter, make the game the same at lvl 30 than lvl 1. And that is boring.

So, time played is cheated since you need 30+ hours to get 1 character to lvl 30. 120+ hours to get all characters to lvl 30.

At lvl 30 you expect too fully customize your talent tree with weapons, etc… Make build viable and work and play with talents and not only hit block, shoot, run and dodge. Any player that played V2 knows it. That’s why chaos wastes worked really well. Here lvl 1 is mostly the same as lvl 30 but with diferent weapons.

All those expectations come from the promises and the road they followed with previous games. And some people like me, realized it was a scam at time. And most didn’t until they leveled all characters.

There is a huge diference btw playing 50-100-150-200 hours, etc… Depending on the game. And way more when a game is RPG and needs leveling.

So please, no offense here, but you are wrong.


You do not need to get every class to 30 to start getting entertainment out of the game, or hell even if that ridiculous statement was the case, you do not need to get all 4 to 30 to know if you will find it entertaining, the classes aren’t that different, and the early levels give you sample enough.

Which is what happened to me, I have one class at 30, one at 25, and the other 2 at 5 because I’m not into them. I have over a 100 hours of game time.

You even disproved your daft claim yourself by quitting before getting all 4 classes to 30.


If you are choosing to put hundreds and hundreds of hours in, and are paying 40 dollars, then yeah you find it entertaining, and thus value for money.

Sorry, but there is no wiggle room here, people aren’t being made to play the game that many hours.

They are choosing to play the game over and over and over and over and over and over

Your point does not change this fact in any way shape or form.

You keep talking about everyone like if everyone thinks like you. You don’t understand that even if I saw this is a scam and is not my case, there are tons of people that play the other way and realized late.

There was a discussion at begin from people debating that you must play only to have fun, while other play to try builds, etc… I guess you lost this debates or you believe that everyone must think like you.

I played tons of games where if I knew the end game, I wouldn’t have progressed that far and would have asked for a refund. But hey, after 2 hours your cant refound. But keep your thoughts.

Nonsense is saying that a game is worth just because it entertained you. That’s nonsense.

I played around 200 hours. Spent most of my time to unlock cosmetics and frames some of it took 40 hours. Basically when unlocked everything which I wanted and started to try different talents/loadouts. I just droped the game after like 10 rounds. Because there is nothing to do in this game. You only whip yourself and think it will be better. At 120 hours i was like I have Stockholm syndrome. I only kept playing because I really like the 40k setting. If it wasn’t 40k then I wouldn’t even bought it.

Basically you can set goals just to achieve things faster than others and don’t enjoy the ride.

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imagine people playing a game for more than 10 hours that they dont like and argue and complain another 10+ hours in a forum of that game.
obsessed, negativity bias…
everyone not playing the game anymore and/ or hating it for whatever reasons should go out and touch grass.
Stop complaining in a destrucitve way only because you are sour and cant let other people have fun.

Human beings are capable of expressing multiple, even conflicting, emotions at the same time. We’re complex and our emotions aren’t binary and black and white.

It’s possible to “have fun” with something while also being frustrated and disappointed with it at the same time.

Some people are more able and willing to overlook the negatives and focus on the positives. Others get hung up on the negatives despite the positives. We’re all different and looking for different types of enjoyment out of life and out of our entertainment options.


Considering how long it takes to level a character to 30 and then get enough experience with the current end game systems to form an informed opinion, yeah i can imagine.

How long does it take to reflect onself to make a decision then?

core systems should have been analyzed or recognized within a few hours.
It is like: I like the game, i dont like the RNG and then weigh the positives and the negatives make a decision.
It what people normally do in very few hours.
Lot of people here seem to not be able to weigh postives and negatives and making a decision, but have negativity bias and cannot let go things they dont like in general, but want like because they have to fill something, compensate something?!?

I am not quite sure what your point is.

But let me ask you this, do you think you would be able to level a character to 30 so you can experience the game at its highest level in less than 10 hours?

And thats without taking into account the time needed to gain a proper understanding of the different systems and mechanics after you reach 30.

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We are not all the same people. Different people process things differently.

If you’re comfortable making a determination about the game as you described, GREAT. I’m glad that it works for you. But other people aren’t you and may have their own different way of analyzing things, particularly for something subjective like video games.

For me, I’ve played DARKTIDE for about 150 hours. I thoroughly enjoy the combat mechanics in the game and find them to be very satisfying and challenging (in a good way). However, I find everything outside of the combat to be an immense source of frustration and disappointment. So I’m torn. I still play sporadically because nothing quite scratches the combat itch in the same way, and I just force myself to ignore all the stuff that bothers me when I do play. But if I step back and look at the game as a whole product and experience I can’t recommend it because of how half-finished and poorly designed many of the game systems are.


not sure how long it took me, but maybe it was 20hrs but lets not focus on numbers, what i wanted to say is it doesnt need tons of hours to find out if you like a game or dont.
There is little to nothing that changes when you have a level 30 character.
Its true that the experience at lower levels is not the same compared to one with more feats unlocked, but the core experience is the same and the RNG Shop or crafting for example is even more accountable during the leveling process because you have to unlock several weapons, but the most weapons you have unlocked within a few hours of gameplay and then you know how they feel or how in general the game plays.

not that important imho, the core gameplay doesnt change much if you understand some things better or have a deeper unerstanding of breakpoints.
I dont care that much for meta builds, breakpoints etc. etc. i play what is fun to me and i evaluate everything abou this game of having fun or not.
I dont want to defend RNG shop and crafting or incomplete crafting, but about Shop i was over it after a few hours in and weigh the positive of having fun doing missions over anything else.

I have to admit i expected crafting to be complete withing the 2nd week of pre order beta, but it wasnt. I said ok then maybe within Dec. but still wasnt and when it wasnt complete after the holidays i weigh it again, and how important it is to have no re-blessing versus fun playing missions with this or that class.
Playing missions still won and weighs much more for me than beeing able to min max.

I have played and done a lot already and i dont say there is nothing to achieve anymore, but i dont focus on achieving penances or achievements in genereal and i dont focus on min maxing, i just have a blast playing missions with my chars and only play one char per week check the shop when i’m online, do the weeklies if possible and thats it.
I play foremost i have fun with the combat and the classes.

see i was like you and i more and more dont care for the stuff around, because i just can have fun playing missions with what i have and it’s far from BiS gear or what i may want. But i second all this and the fun playing missions is all what counts for me.

430 hours in, played a lot wit Zealot, got the last penance done 2 days ago only and now playing Psyker that i’ve played the least and having a blast with him.

I also think they should rework some RNG aspects and i also think crafting need to be completed yesterday, but again i second this, because i have fun doing missions and that is all i need.

There’s something called the “sunken cost fallacy” in which people continue to do something that they don’t enjoy or otherwise gain benefit from, because they’ve already invested resources (time, money, etc.) into something and don’t want to “waste” their investment.

Darktide is a wasted investment and a lot of people can/are absolutely falling prey to the sunken cost fallacy.

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Funny enough I had to select everything but it applies lol

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I’ll more likely trust the opinion of somebody that used a tool for 100 hrs than who used one for 2hrs.

You saying there’s no sense in creating a review based on more extensive experience just completely nulls your authority on making sound opinions.

I literally never said this in any way shape or form.

Stop lying.

This is oversimplified, and IMO a bad take that disregards context like genre and any notion of measurable work product.

Some games, whose value resides in story and hand crafted content, seem like good candidates to be judged by some ‘hours played’ metric, where the 20+ hours of game play represents a substantial amount of developer effort and a solid experience. A game like Space marine is relatively short, but tells a complete story across a wide array of locations and scenarios – it looks like Space Marine 2 is going to be even better.

Games like Darktide, which are designed around a gameplay loop, which is often ‘story-lite’, with drastically reduced set of locations, which are designed to be replayed over and over, don’t seem like good candidates for ‘hours invested’ type metrics. The developer value here is in having a solid gameplay loop, with feature complete and well polished mechanics.

One analogy I can come up with would be buying a console vs a two day pass to a theme park (both the same value). In the case of the park, you expect a fixed, relatively short, period of entertainment + some novel experiences. Whereas with a console, the experience isn’t curated, and you get to use it to entertain yourself; but, the time horizon for having the console is substantially longer. If you get to go on all the rides at the theme park, and have a great couple days, then it was probably a good value proposition, and you don’t feel cheated. If you play your console for a couple days, and then it stops working, you’re not going to feel like it was a good value proposition, even though you got the same usage out of it as the theme park.

Darktide is the console, its a more limited experience, but one that should be well polished and more or less indefinitely repeatable. The fact that its not is why it is a bad value proposition, and why its got a ‘mostly negative’ rating on steam. In this instance, the ‘time played’ metric is a straw man, and empirically, it doesn’t hold up as a good metric for the genre.

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