Retired Darktide Player Questionnaire

I would say in the defence of the people who think that about this game, there was very little if any story telling or anything else conducive of a positive levelling experience.
What exists in the game right now is a tutorial that teaches some of the basics and in some cases what NOT to do in the higher difficulties, a period of time where you have very limited options on gameplay style (levelling process) and a few cut scenes that tell you how little everyone cares that you exist, then one at the end that says something else. (wont mention in case someone reads who hasn’t got that far)

I like the idea of starting from nothing but there has to be a little more story to it than just “who are you, oh wait I don’t care”

When you are into the territory of hundreds of hours with this game then the only reason you are still playing is because you still find the gameplay loop entertaining.

To be clear, I am not saying that you can play hundreds of hours and not feel “cheated”, because you can, but that doesnt change the fact that to reach those hundreds of hours of gameplay in the first place you will have found entertainment enough in the repetitive gameplay loop to keep putting hours in.

To use your analogy: You can buy a console and be disappointed with the games that come out for it yet still get hundreds or thousands of hours of entertainment out of it.

That’s good value, even if it doesnt meet your expectations.

Projecting much? You’ve been discounting the legitimacy of reviews with lots of hours put in. I hit the nail on the head.

Reviews with hundreds of hours in the game are completely legitimate and I agree with 90% of them.

If you can’t come up with an argument then don’t just make fictional stuff up about me.

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Every players experience is valid, people who have more hours will find more issues this is going to happen but players who did not play long also have had an experience that made them stop playing which is also valid feedback.

If I were a developer I would probably not want to get my suggested changes (how something should work) from someone who played the game for a few hours but I would still need to know why some of my customers could not stand playing my game for that short of a time to understand what needs to be improved, just like I would listen to someone who has 200+ hours saying why they don’t like how RNG the endgame items are for example.

I should clarify. What I was talking about here was the avatar progression process - Gaining XP, unlocking skills, base gear grind, that sort of thing.

I get that story is important to a lot of people, but narrative progression is a separate system and I wasn’t talking about that in my post.