Retain XP when removed from game

I was just playing a game with 3 players who were friends. On the last section of the level I battled like hell to keep them alive, heal them and use my ults at the right time. After we survived the last horde we were running to the exit and I was removed from the game. So 30 mins of slogging my guts out, not being toxic and doing everything I should be doing and I get booted with nothing to show for it.

I understand that the need to remove players from the game is, well, needed but come on. This just means toxic game leaders are just going to troll players.

I don’t mind dying in the last battle, I DO mind just being removed from the game so I get NOTHING.

Sort it out.


I have no problem with that, of course people will exploit it and take turn kicking and joining a game near the end to level up very fast. Which I am alright with.

i think some , at times are inviting a friend to join them at end of mission to collect loot, (saw this happen a player joined as we ran into the bubble at end )
that needs some looking into, like no Kick after 50 percent of mission is done ect.
many times i have been booted i guess with the end in sight…frustrating if thats the really the case .

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This is a major problem with the game right now as the OP pointed out. Just recently I have been getting kicked out of games for no reason and I haven’t even been talking or typing, making it an unfounded reason to be removed for being toxic.

The games I was kicked from I was also taking the least damage, cooperating with the team, pointing out tomes and grims, and just plainly carrying the team. I know this because I am consistently in the top chart for every stat at the end of my games, not that it is entirely the most important thing but a good reference. So for me doing most of the work slaying for 20-30+ minutes just to get kicked at the end of the map with a clear chance of beating it has been the most frustrating experience I’ve had in gaming as of late. To the point I no longer see wasting my time for someone else’s glory is worth my time.

This needs to be fixed, and the following ways that this can be made right is simple. For starters show the vote being done to the subject in question so he can refute his case to the other group member to avoid troll kicks from one player, and give options for clear reasons why they are getting kicked. Also, implement a system where kills, assists, heals, etc are granted XP in real-time or calculated at the end of the game or after a player has been kicked to ensure the players efforts are not in vain. Or even simpler grant the player the same XP as if the team wiped. As well to avoid troll kicks for players inviting their friends at the end, make invites only available for lobby and not during a game, or just unavailable at the 75% mark of the map to stop boosting.

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I’d be fine with no invites once the bubble opens, or you’re like with X meters of it. I’ve had people troll us by not entering the bubble, rare but it happens, so I don’t want to have the ability to kick them removed. Also if you are kicked after say 75% of the level get exp equivalent to failing.

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This JUST happened to me. I had the Kruber insult me for no reason, then at the very end of the mission, he doesn’t enter the bubble and he kicks me. I am beyond pissed off and I can’t believe Fat Shark haven’t fixed this.

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They could add a system that deals XP by proportion of game played - i.e. fighting bosses/hordes, carrying the tome/grimoire, completing puzzles. This way, a dude that enters the game after everything is done won’t get anything - as his #playertag did absolutely nothing to the completion of the map.

Also, people could get xp as well if disconnected - at least part of it. When a host leaves, everything resets and it’s quite damn enraging when we are already past 50% of the map when it happens…

From the selfish perspective of the player we at least need the XP allocated pro-rata for the effort put in by the player for the duration of the level.

I understand that there are difficulties around the end of level reward and that is still a contentious issue i.e. bringing a new player in for the end of the game will mean they still get the chest and the removed player won’t. That still needs some thought.

Make the new player get a chest rewarded based on the tomes etc picked up from the point when they joined the game.

For the exiting player at least give them a XP reward for the contribution to that point. Or perhaps better still - like other games - disable votekick from quickmatch (only have it in custom hosted games) and instead have a report/commend upon function completion of the level.

But to get nothing if you are removed from the game is a sure fire way of demotivating your player base whilst simultaneously breeding toxic behaviour.

They could do the same for kicking and just try to eliminate dedicated trolls (ie. those that only start trolling at the end of the match to avoid vote kick) via other means. For example AI director going berserk on people idling outside of bubble. I wouldn’t find it to be that big of an inconvenience if you had to wait one minute of the director to do its thing if someone refuses to end the match.

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