Restore my original weapons(Bolt Gun)

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  1. Purchased weapons
  2. Sell the lowest rated weapon in your Arsenal
  3. Automatically jump to armory first column
    4.Made me sell the wrong weapon

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[Steam/Microsoft Store]

**Player ID:481351826
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**Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:CHINA2023 April 6, , 8:55 a.m

**Reproduction Rate:Often (<75%)

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Could you share the URL to your Steam profile with me, please? :slight_smile:

steam id:481351826

URL:Steam Community :: Kaki

Oof a T4 Pinning Fire? Or is that No Respite. Best of luck you get your god gun back, I’m sure this set is in the dev’s sights.

I’ll corroborate this bug.

Last night I was trying to craft a chain axe on my zealot, bought a bunch of trash greys and was cleaning them out of my inventory. Made the mistake of deleting from the bottom, and after the list updated from a deletion(barter), the selection jumped to the top of my weapon list and deleted my lvl 500+ Mk9 Heavy Sword with perfect blessings. I’ve also done this months ago on my Psyker with a well rolled force sword. Came here to see if there was anyway to get the item back.

There really should be a confirmation for bartering lvl400+ weapons.

Steam ID: Steam Community :: Xio Dio

Sorry I missed this @Kaki114514 - I have attempted to restore your weapons for you. Please check your inventory the next time you’re able to log in.

@XioDio I have attempted to restore your Heavy Sword!

@FatsharkJulia Thank you so much, my heretic remover is back!