Accidently sold my weapon

Issue Description: I accidently bartered my best Power Sword since the game somehow redirect to it while I mass bartering low level weapon. I don’t know if it can be restore but I’ll ask for support anyway.

It was the first weapon on top of the list which is weird interaction since I was way down while bartering my stuff, might also be a bug.

Edit : After some research, a lot of people have been having this same issue and request for restoration in technical support. I think you should really fix it or there’ll be a lot more people with this issue.

Also I suggest having favorite weapon option in the future so this won’t happening again.

Error Displayed (If Applicable):

Steps to Reproduce: I don’t think anyone would want to reproduce this.


Player ID: Steam Community :: Melforne

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone: 15:20 Saturday, November 18, 2566 BE (GMT+7)

Upload Supporting Evidence:
I’ll refer to this post since it kind of an evidence that I had it before the accident.

Also one of my build was using it so it have the ! mark on melee slot which refer to the missing weapon that used to be in that slot.


I’ve restored the weapon for you.

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Thank you!