Respawned at the end of the level

I died to some hits (that i disagree with, but anyway) and then respawned to be rescued at the end of the level. ill include the video where i died. it looked to me like it was fall damage, because of the icon in the top right, but checking out afterwards its very possible that i just got murdered. although the 2nd hit from the rotthelm i found pretty unfair. the white overlay from being rezzed made that one impossible to see and he didnt get staggered from my active, which i instantly used
the 2nd part of the video is where you can see i spawned at the very end of the level which is undoubtably a bug
cant get the video to upload via the forum, im getting staggeringly unverbose errors like “video cant be uploaded, please try again”
so heres a puush upload:
puush is 100% trustworthy

sry for my language in chat :slight_smile: i really thought it was a fall dmg bug at the time. i didnt play in a year or two so its all very new to me again lol

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Hello, I just like to know if you were the host.

Oh lawrd this is a mess to respond to.

  1. The mauler hit that downed you was debatably an unfair case, but it can be said to be an issue of perspective and elevation which makes it hard to tell.

  2. Kruber´s ability has a zero point something cast time, its not instant, and the chaos warrior hit you during it so the attack was not canceled.

  3. As for respawn distance… this is a bit harder actually, because the video doesnt tell me exactly when the “waiting to respawn” message shows up.

IF it did indeed show after your team entered the caves then that spot is actually not strange at all, for to my knowledge there are no respawn points between the cave exit and the fort…that being right or wrong however is another question-

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If someone wants to do the leg work, you can check respawn locations with this

But I agree I don’t think Fort B respawns you until the end if you’re that far through the map (not to say there aren’t respawn locations that are just being ignored, have to check)

  1. As for respawn distance… this is a bit harder actually, because the video doesnt tell me exactly when the “waiting to respawn” message shows up.

I think that the next respawnpoint is at the entrance of the Cave and then another one should be at the second grim location.

The thing is, normally you dont respawn next to your team, you respawn in the next zone or just as far away as possible in the present zone if its a large one.

I think.

So, if his team entered the cave while he was dead then the next respawn zone available is indeed the fort.

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There are respawns at the beginning of the cave, the middle of the cave and then the next is at the far end of the bridge away from the fort (left side after the drop down).

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