Requisitorium - Contracts

Just want to report I was in a mission and received the “contract competed” banner on the right hand side after doing the “kill 5 monstrosities” contract, but because the weekly reset happened before the mission was completed, I received nothing. Not sure if this is an oversight or an intentional feature, but wanted to point out.

Loving the game, thanks!!


Also, just a warning for everyone, I took a shot at a random ranged weapon and received a grey :frowning:


Oof. Good to know the mystery boxes aren’t worth bothering with; thanks.

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Isn’t that just insane?

You only get your challenges reset on a WEEKLY basis so you’d think you’d at least get something decent for your chance, not literal garbage.

And after doing such grindy challenges, like killing 750 of a certain enemy type.

Why, oh why, in the name of the God-Emperor, would you ever allow your system to reward GREYS for that sort of mission?

I didn’t expect anything that bad, but already discounted them based on my predictions for “shop-keepers judgement”.

They really shouldn’t be paying out anything less than a blue.