request - sounds for keys and trait procs

It would be a tremendous QoL change if global sounds were added for when people pick up grimoire keys or when they proc free healing (a global grenade sound wouldn’t be needed as much), similar to how everyone can hear when dice or the Kraussman key are picked up. If not a sound for keys, then at least maybe a small icon?

But as for procs, something telling teammates that there’s more healing available would be really useful, and something that immediately tells me I still have a grenade would make a huge difference when a big fight is taking up most of my attention.


I’ve suggested a similar thing here for the keys. But I think that a mod can handle that as well. After all, mods will fill many gaps and will continue to improve the quality of this game since Fat Shark still has to deal with many bugs and problems which should’ve been resolved months ago.

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The swift slaying icon for 1.2 was nice!

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