[Request] Add a way to directly or indirectly convert Ordo-Dockets into crafting materials

IMHO, most of the crafting issues can be solved by adding a simple way to increase the amount of crafting materials (plasteel and diamantine) by actually consuming whatever item you already own instead of being forced to play multiple expeditions to earn such materials.

In Vermintide 2, every game you earned at least one box with 3 items and each item (if undesired) provided scrap material and dust. That scrap material could be further used to either forge a new item or upgrade an existing item, while dust wast used to re-roll perks and blessings.

In Darktide you are stuck with whatever item you found in the market and there is no way to improve or edit the gear you own without playing more games: this is what is causing the most frustration, because you have to play multiple games to roll a single upgrade once without a second chances to re-roll if whatever you gained isn’t of your liking.

Ordo-Dockets to Crafting material conversion can be easily achieved by adding a “sell option” to Hadron and move the current “discard” inventory option to the armory guy. I hope this would also be a bit more “lore friendly” because you are not destroying / scrapping invaluable relics, but you are exchanging them for other resources (ordo dockets if sold in armory, crafting if sold in the omnissiah forge).

On a side note, I know there are other missing options to further improve “weapon crafting” (e.g.: convert plasteel in diamantine and viceversa, reroll/change blessings etc.), but IMHO this would add a lot more “replayability” in the hub without changing too much stuff.

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