Reproducible crash - Emoting in Keep

While connected as a client, emoting and attempting to switch careers crashes the game. Doesn’t crash if you attempt this while you are the host.

Unable to test whether everyone crashes or one person only

Guaranteed crash rate (Sample size 4)

Tested without mods on official. Tested while using the old menu UI, still crashes in both these circumstances

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Could you copy and paste the crash report produced, please? I believe this is already on our radar, but I’d like to double-check. :slight_smile:

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GUID: e33b6832-9e40-4e89-ab14-a58508d022e9
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: …pts/entity_system/systems/inventory/inventory_system.lua:157: attempt to index local ‘inventory_extension’ (a nil value)

Thank you, looking in to it!

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