Crash while looking at items in inventory

While I was at my inventory screen, just looking at my items’ properties and traits, I got a crash:

GUID: aa94a479-557a-4a4f-9cfb-52aec0d0d31f
Log File: 
Info Type: 

[Crash Link]:

Excerpt of crash message from console log:

09:51:18.906 [Lua] ---------------------- BackendInterfaceStatisticsPlayFab:save ----------------------
09:51:18.908 [Lua] generate_backend_stats	11000010564a2a2:1
09:51:18.925 [Lua] [PlayFabRequestQueue] Enqueuing ExecuteCloudScript request	savePlayerStatistics3	56
09:51:18.943 [Lua] [PlayFabRequestQueue] Sending EAC Challenge Request	savePlayerStatistics3	56	33
09:51:19.159 [Lua] [PlayFabRequestQueue] EAC Enabled!	56
09:51:19.159 [Lua] [PlayFabRequestQueue] Sending Request	savePlayerStatistics3	56
09:51:19.595 [Lua] [PlayFabRequestQueue] Request Success	ExecuteCloudScript	savePlayerStatistics3	56
09:51:19.598 [Lua] commit result	success	26
09:51:27.417 error:   [ExceptionHandler] Crash in exception handler!

<<Lua Stack>>  [0] [C]: in function update_animations_with_callback
  [1] foundation/scripts/util/script_world.lua:358: in function update
  [2] foundation/scripts/managers/world/world_manager.lua:102: in function update
  [3] scripts/boot.lua:772: in function game_update
  [4] scripts/boot.lua:528:in function <scripts/boot.lua:526>
<</Lua Stack>>

console-2019-10-08-09.02.22-bd04ed4d-2c5b-4478-9b0e-37b1a3a4b744 crash while managing inventory.log (546.9 KB)

It seems that a crash dump file wasn’t generated. I can’t find the corresponding crash dump file.

Thank you for reporting!

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