Removing the shared inventory and progression in Darktide was a step back

TL;DR: Removing the shared inventory and shared progression in Darktide makes the game extremely frustrating for people who want to play all classes and experience the entire game instead of solo-ing one class. And it’s going to get even worse when crafting gets added.

I’ve been playing Darktide since release (I don’t pre-order on principle), and I’ve been playing Ogryn, Psyker and just started sharpshooter. And I have to say, the experience of playing other classes from the start is absolute garbage IMO.

A quick reminder, every class starts at level 1, which means that whenever you start a new class, you again have to unlock EVERY base feature in the game again, which takes until level 11 to unlock the weeklies. You have to re-unlock the shop, the crafting, the difficulties and the weeklies every new character.

And then, the worst part is that the inventory/weeklies for each character is individual. If you find an amazing curio with your most advanced character that’s useless to them, you cannot give it to your new character that could really use it. Then, you have this FOMO contract system where completing ALL contracts gives you a massive amount of unique currency… individually for each characters. Meaning, you need to swap to EACH character you have, every week, and try to finish ALL of these contracts, EVERY WEEK. That’s without mentioning the shop that refreshes every hour for every character, which means everytime the shop refreshes, you SHOULD swap to all of your characters and see if any items are direct upgrades. No way to quickly buy for other characters.

Even worse, when the crafting will be unlocked, even if you have the exact blessing or item you need on another of your character, you will not be able to transfer that. Crafting resources aren’t shared either, so if you play one character more than the others, it will take even longer to upgrade those low level characters back up.

Let’s compare this to vermintide 2, where everything is more or less shared.

  • Weeklies/dailies gave you rewards for playing characters you might not have played a lot, rewarding players for going out of their comfort zones.
  • Weeklies/dailies also were character-independant, so you had universal reward regardless of what character you played.
  • Inventory system was entire shared, so playing a new character did set you back, but you could also quickly return to the difficulty settings you were more comfortable with. Plus, you could craft new weapons and upgrades to quickly get better tools.
  • You could swap characters really quickly and easily, meaning that if you were joining a group where your character was already taken, or you felt a character was missing, you could swap.
  • Rewards and gear upgrades were always rewarded at end of mission, which meant you didn’t have to dawdle the shop every hour to get new gear and upgrades. Just play the game and have fun.

See all these pros up there? It’s downright confusing why these GOOD mechanics are not in Darktide.

In the end, this is simply a discussion thread. I think Darktide has nothing to gain from making the distinction between all of your characters so strict. If you’ve already played a character to level 30, why should it be that much of a pain to start a new one? You should be rewarded for playing a character to level 30 and deciding to try a new character, not punished!


yeah, really wish they would allow cross character materials and currency sharing.

I agree. I wish we have shared inventory for all our characters. That would be more time-saving for us.

In the scheme of 24 eventual classes, if it takes the average player roughly 30 hours to level a character from 0-30, it’d take 720 hours just to level all the classes up, let alone the equipment, materials and weekly grind.