Removed Reconnect to Game Option

So Fatshark. During Closed Beta, if we crashed, we could load back in and reconnect to game. Now we can’t, but the crashes are still here. I do hope this is an oversight, as it is really annoying to be playing with friends and everyone of them having to quit a map due to one of us crashing. It is not fair to any pugs playing with us and not fair to each other. Please, at least until you fix the crashes, put back in the reconnect to game option.


Just had the same issue.
On Quickplay solo if I crashed the reconnect option was still there, but in a team of 3 (out of 4) I just crashed and my place was taken up by another player.

Means I had to wait for my friends to complete the mission and miss out on rewards (and the enjoyment of slaying Heretics).

Can confirm this was not an issue in Beta, though on the flip side I crashed a lot more in Beta than now.

Same issue, my wife is playing in the same room as me and I can confirm another player instantly joined in taking my spot after a CTD/GPU Hang

Same happened to a friend. He couldn’t rejoin a game.

Also have encountered this. Not sure if it’s a bug or intentional but it would be nice if reconnect could be added again.

I was quick enough just a moment ago, but the reconnect button didnt appear immediately upon re-logging in, I clicked “Join Game” via friends list and the reconnect button came up then, either coincidentally or as a result of joining via said steam friends list.

To that end it feels like a bug (rather than a change in design)?!

Happend to me

Yeah this just happened to my group, there were three of us, 2 of us crashed and before we could reconnect the match was filled up with randoms.

Why the hell was this feature removed? It was the best bandaid solution they had until these ridiculous crashes were fixed.

Why is this option removed? I literally will not be able to complete missions now due to crashes that have gotten worse since beta.

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I cannot confirm this. At T3 and T4 level yesterday always crashed one and then came the bot. A few minutes later the player was back in the game. As I said, speak only for T3 and T4 level what is on the low levels no idea.

Honestly, this Can’t Reconnect bug needs to get fixed ASAP, it is single-handedly the one feature that saved this game from being review bombed.

If this was removed on purpose, shame on you Fat Shark, it’s literally the one thing that Darktide does better than 90% of the video games out there!

A firend of mine had the same problem yesterday - no reconnection possible after crash and another palyer took his spot

At this point, I’m starting to think we got an earlier version for release.

Fewer features, worse performance.

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