No crash disconnect grace period?

I have been crashing pretty much every game so far, very frustrating as im trying to play with my girlfriend. But as soon as i crash someone else fills my spot, or i just dont get the rejoin option.
Why isnt there a grace period that would wait and allow for rejoin? Since it takes a minute to get back into the game.


The rejoin grace period was there in the beta? are you saying they removed it?

The rejoining option is broken.


Trying to join my friends after crashing.

EDIT : someone else indeed joined them before I could reconnect. B*llsh#t, I just wasted my time on a run Iā€™m not completing.


that is a pretty major issue actually, hopefully they fix it soon

Same issue here.

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Yeah this needs ot be adressed fast, specially since stability seems to have gone down with the release.

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