Remove the forum flagging system

Its being abused…

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Yep, do a real moderator job, thank you FS.

i thought flagging is to call a moderator, but i learnt flagging is to create an echochamber.

Its probably one or two guys with some sort of agender :person_shrugging:

Not sure what they hope to accomplish but its pretty funny

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Ok but the moderator kill my answer to an insult and the insult stay visible, so … what ?

Flagging went from “this content is inappropriate” to “I don’t like what this person is saying”.



Yesterday somone was very agressiv against me in his post, supposing a lot of wrong things about me etc, i just answered quoting his absurd sentances + a screen of my damnation success and a screen where i show i v ignored him.

My post → moderated delet
Him post → right very fine stay where it is lol

Such is the nature of providing buttons to posters. That said, once we process the queue of reports, order is restored. We can agree or disagree with such reports, it’s not like the buttons create an immediate sanction, unless the person doing the reporting has a good history of reliable reports along side long tenure. It’s a pretty good system overall.

Note, we do see who pushes the buttons, and you can’t pretend you don’t just push report on people who challenge your viewpoints as much as they might push the same button on your posts… :wink:

So having looked in to this, the poster you reported for insulting you didn’t insult you at all, they just challenged your post without resorting to any kind of insult. You replied to them in a combative manner, and as such, your post was flagged hidden and requested be edited. Challenging discourse is fine. Being comative is not.

It’s the nature of any type of system like this, and the mods are often lambasted for doing a poor job handing those reports. But they all get thoroughly reviewed and only ever action stuff that’s combative, directly insulting or just outright wild or off topic/spam. How it normally goes is A reports B, B reports A, CDEFG report both A and B, A and B blame the mods or a suspected motley crew of ALT accounts (which isn’t true FYI, we see ALT accounts really easy) for report bombing them. It’s a story as old as the forums.


1 2 3 4 I declare a flag war!

Get some coffe hedge its going to be a long one. Just kidding

So saying to somone undirectly he is a lier and a big noob inst an insult, ok lol

Also, in my answer there was no insulte too, so, why somone is flag and moderated and not the other 1 who offended ? Explain.

They are crafty and insult you without breaking the ToS for the forum. more direct people don’t do things like this I get the feeling your more like me and people like us get the ban hammer from old hedge here eventually lol

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Yep i never flag, i answer, i discuss, it s social interaction, but on this forum it s becoming crazy.

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Thats just how it is if you want to talk here im afraid :person_shrugging:

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Time for gym, it will more constructiv than fight for justice on this forum.


I saw your posts you know I had a feeling this would happen. You’ve got to be a bit more erm diplomatic I guess :smiley:

This isn’t quite true though.


here you flagged someone you felt provided a stupid comment.

No guess about it, this is what everyone should do. Myself included and something I admit I have struggled with. (which is why I’ve even suspended myself from time to time both here and in the Steam boards)


Yeh I saw something about that lol.

Thanks for the replies good to know you can see if its one guy mass flagging me or anyone else for that matter. Still think that button should be removed though but it is what it is I guess.

It’s incredibly helpful for us to know when there are truly things that need taking care of. Around ~30% of flags are valid, which is pretty typical for this kind of system.

That ~70% are flagged inappropriately isn’t a big concern. They’re all manually processed, so at worst an incorrectly flagged post is hidden for a short time until a mod comes along to remove the flag. But for the 30% that are valid, having the report feature in place is invaluable as the team cannot reasonably process every post, discussion and the context of all of it to keep the forums somewhat in check.

They are still going btw another one got flagged while we have been talking here :smiley: