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Is there going to be any furthering of how this forum is moderated? I fully understand that @Fatshark_Hedge and @FatsharkJulia are up to their heels with things to do in relation to the new DLC being recently released, but something has to be done about this.

There are too many posts and comments which directly point fingers at members of the community in insulting fashions or just generally are the same quality as a child throwing a tantrum. It drastically brings down the quality of the forum, and we really need to have some stricter hand-outs of bans and the like when people stop focusing on the game and start focusing on other human beings as their target of discussion instead.

I don’t know what the best solution would be, but something has to be done if this is gonna remain a respectable forum where people can offer feedback and suggestions without the fear of being the target of a personal goddamn witch-hunt after the fact. It’s embarrassing.


I belief this it the answer to your question:

We never got moderators but the trust system was integrated.
So as you can see there are Regulars now but we do not have all those capabilities written in the description. The only thing of notice is that I can hide fresh threads I deem as spam immediately as long as the poster’s rank is low enough.


Hadn’t seen that post, thanks for the link.

Really do think a couple more moderators would be nice, though. Doesn’t feel like these weighted reports are doing enough.

As it stands, at least 12 hours after the fact, there are several comments still not removed where the entire content of the comments are just sh*t-smearing and blaming individual people for balance changes that Fatshark themselves implemented. That’s not okay.

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Well posts are just hidden (click to show) if enough flags are set. But I’ve seen Hedge or Julia < snip > the inappropriate part and ban the user in question for a week.

To be honest I stopped flagging posts because it can hurt the serious ongoing discussion:
After enough flags are set in a thread for any reason the system is going to auto lock it for 4h then it opens it again and if anybody flag something again it locks it down for another 4h… Funny enough the OP of Abuse of the Auto-Moderation System was the person that spammed in tree previous beamstaff threads and stopped any constructive discussion. The whole system just reinforced that.

I think my more powerful flags might lock down a thread with just a few flags and that’s not really what anybody wanted.


I noticed they added mods on the official discord. You can see them occasionally post, they have green names. So it might still be in the works for the forums as well.


Couldn’t agree more. I hope there comes some calmness to all of this after a few weeks; it seems that dropping a patch at the same time of a DLC gets the people into somewhat of a ruckus.

I think added mods for the forums would be great; hopefully those elected to the position are respected for having a cool-hand and a level-head.

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