Insane community as always

Let´s flag more stuff to get posts hidden or even threads locked through baits and bs claims, because someone says something positiv about the game. What´s wrong with you guys?

No matter which issues the game has, this is ridiculous. And FS should do themselves a favor and actually time-ban those flagtrolls and ignore their feedback completely. Claiming to be long-time fans of the tide-series but acting like insulted stubborn childs, seriously…



mob mentality

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The title is wrong.

There are always trolls in any community, but only FS locks threads where there are 1-2 people clearly trolling and derailing the topic instead of banning those who made the offense.
As someone who has been online, practically, since the beginning of internet, I have never seen this type of forum moderation where one or two trolls are given the power to lock threads.

So, this one is 100% on FS, not the community.


There is an automatic limited time hiding on multiple flags.

What was the beginning of the internet like

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As been said, it´s an automated system in the first case clearly abused by the poeple. When the mods will see it, they´ll probably open it again, but until then… it´s just ridiculous how poeple act.

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There is a pretty clear line between obvious troll threads trying to bait reactions by downplaying the flaws of the game and how its handled while heaping disingenuous praise onto the developers, and the threads actually discussing the things they enjoy about the game.


Not everything is a bait, just because poeple show up like “The gameplay is great, the graphics are great, the music is great etc…”.

Would be somewhat different if someone is like “Crafting is great, what do you guys want?”, but that was not the case.
If poeple are mad, because someone just point out what´s actually good in the game and asking for some patience, then something is wrong with them. I haven´t read any holy praises to FS aswell, just that they did things right as they did some wrong.

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Just for clarification, is there a specific thread you are talking about, or just in general?

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I hope you guys are talking about my latest thread.

Sure, but it´s also not the first time anyway. And i mean… just look above. Flagged for making a statement, buhu.

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Most people never mature past high school, sadly. The modern “adult” is a walking talking scam, with precious few outliers.

The problem is the people who down-vote/hate on stuff these days actually feel like they have some power in their sad lives…

Complaining about being flagged, while using toxic insults that will get you flagged again, and other people are the trolls?

I don’t understand the logic here, as calling people names will just get you flagged again.

Maybe just maybe you are toxic if you keep getting flagged?

Personally, it should a free for all, with no flags and almost no moderation at all, but you all want it both ways, you want to flag people and censor them, but also be immune to being flagged and censored.

Makes no sense to me.

I keep getting flagged and I’m not toxic.

I was flagged and censored for telling someone who complained about some name they didn’t like in game, that I felt bad for them and hoped they were ok.

You can’t even so genuine empathy for someone without them accusing you of trolling them, flagging you and censoring you, but this is clearly what everyone wants as nutty as it is.

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It’s funny because if you ask them what a troll is or what it means they will not answer. Also funny because oftentimes being accused of trolling just means someone is blaming you for their thin skin/lack of emotional maturity.