Releasing Balance This Early Terrible

I can’t help but feel that there was hardly any consideration into the new weapon balance update. I have been a part of the Beta Balance Update since the beginning. For a game that has existed for so short a period, it flabbergasts me that they are willing to make such concrete changes in such a limited time-frame. On top of that, Fat Shark does not specify between the release candidate, and the live release. It is SUPER confusing, and almost essential to have 2 monitors, in order to compare updates. Updates should not include previous changes, and instead only include current changes, so that players can be informed. I understand if there is a FINAL release change, however, there should also be a SUPPLEMENTARY change notice, so that those who have participated in testing since the beginning can know any last minute changes. As a Slayer Bardin, I already can tell that the Pick Axe is weaker, but there is no way a beta tester would know outside of playing a game today.

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I disagree. The game is more balanced now than it ever was. Just find the new top tier weapons and adjust your playstyle accordingly.

Most people are finding the game a bit easier now.

By the way, I only play Legend


True but they wrote that they were going to adjust it as long as it takes until it is in a great place.
I can’t say we reached greatness just better.


I agree, it’s better but certainly not fine tuned which was the entire purpose of the Beta. Taking 2 months on that would have been perfectly fine, and even slowly implementing some of the changes into the game that they felt were refined enough rather than everything at once. I really just want to know what changed between the Release Candidate and the Actual Release. I am having a hard time finding anything, but notice a big difference in the Pick Axe as I mentioned in the OP.

Well, they at least made the choice easy. Now 1h axe so vastly outperforms great axe it’s not even funny.
I thought they are going to balance thing till they are perfect. Instead they threw a few buffs here and there, some nerfs ( a huge nerf to push attack of great axe so it’s now useless vs armor and dodge is way more important than ever and 2h weapons are bad at that) and all of the sudden decided their work is done.


I doubt anyone actually believes this to be the final balancing patch, undoubtedly there is going to be more in the future, however the state of the game pre-patch was sub-par to say the least, certain weapons were so outperformed that no one was using them. Which obviously, isn’t acceptable. It is much less the case now.

Last I met so many varied playstyles with differing wepaon kits in QP was in the early days of the game’s release before metas were established, this balance patch has been a breath of fresh air and sorely needed.

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