When is the Bug Fix Beta Patch coming out?

I would like to know. The game is still filled with game breaking bugs and it’s incredibly frustrating especially on the client side which everyone seems to be ignoring. I just love it when bosses instantly spawn right in front of me, hook rats pulling me off the map to my death, patrols bunched together in a tight corner that looks like one SV when it’s really 20, and assassins you kill still pouncing on you taking 1/3 of your health before actually dying and showing up on the kill feed…

Issues that players find more important:
Bug fixes > weapon balance

Issues that devs find more important:
Weapon balance > bug fixes

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To be fair, it’s call a balance beta, not a bug fix beta, although presumably they’re still working on bug fixes alongside. I find balance pretty important myself, so you definitely don’t speak for everyone.

The beta isn’t anywhere close to ready for live imo. Temp health is still a mess, and balance is still all over the place. They haven’t really touched a bunch of weapons/career/talents/traits, and we can’t get anyone to comment explaining design decisions anyway.

Off the top of my head:

  1. 1h hammer being better across the board compared to 1h axe
  2. pickaxe being better across the board vs 2h axe
  3. nerfed weapons that were just alright, like H+S push stab, 2h sword’s push stab, and 2h axe’s push stab (combined with stamina changes that would’ve reined that in anyway).
  4. hammer and shield’s boss damage being an order of magnitude worse than all other weapons
  5. RV’s ult’s cooldown being too long for the effect (compared to IB)
  6. Heroic Intervention being useless
  7. Inspirational shot being useless
  8. Off-Balance being unused, too hard to proc for too little benefit
  9. Resourceful Sharpshooter/Resourceful Combatant being underwhelming. Now useless on short cooldowns.
  10. Shade still deleting bosses (lol @ previous huntsman nerfs)
  11. Handmaiden’s gift of ladrielle
  12. Handmaiden’s talent bladedancer (even if it worked) being pointless because it only enables killing marauders.
  13. Spear’s boss damage is really high (especially considering its reach)
  14. Temp health being nearly useless on a lot of classes
  15. Temp health talent choices being inconsistent across careers (e.g. pyro not getting one for crits).
  16. Even if you manage to get temp health, it decays very quickly, making the entire system feel pointless
  17. Some temp health choices can be denied in certain group compositions (e.g. on kill with a competent longbow huntsman, on cleave with a competent conflag sienna).
  18. Nerfing BH and pyro (through temp health), but not touching the ranged ammo regeneration of Huntsman/RV/WS.
  19. Basically infinite ammo on weapons like swiftbow with the new scrounger
  20. NB’s not restoring green health on heal share procs
  21. NB’s not restoring green health when another heals with kit
  22. NB’s temp health decays nearly instantly due to temp health decay
  23. After nerfs, what really sets pyro and unchained apart? What’s the purpose of pyro?
  24. Grudgeraker/shotguns still nearly useless against monsters.
  25. Barkskin got changed, but it’s still not usable (especially when paired with far less temp health).
  26. Shallya’s boon and +healing talents seem underwhelming with the new temp health.
  27. Overnerf of some weapons, like dual daggers (lol @ below average 1m30s boss kill vs 30s boss kill of previously).
  28. An overall feeling of a rotating weapon meta.
  29. Plethora of remaining bad talents (e.g. last survivor buffs).
  30. Plenty of non-choices in talent rows.

But in all fairness, there have been good changes. I like the stamina changes so far (especially the removal of restore on kill), pickaxe overall feels much better to use, dodging enemies is better, battlewizard feels much more satisfying to play. Not going to try and list everything exhaustively, but the beta seems to have some great ideas in there.


Depends on bug in question and balancing in question. If bug is not too frequent it is less priority imo, since issues with balance is constant.

And, as fuzzydwarf said, they fixing bugs too:

Not sure this such a problem. And it fails from time to time depending on boss/situation. And of course you need right potion for it.

Everything right with Huntsman ammo regain. It is skill dependent, unlike BH and WS.

That is completely fine, since this weapon is not powerfull at all.

Some weapons lost part of efficiency with it, like Falchion and one-handed sword. I played a lot with one handed sword on Kruber, and my impression, that this weapon is inferior than mace. Yes, it killing crowd better, but crowd killing you better too :expressionless:.

Great list, btw, are you had it all written, or take it from the head?

Wasn’t meant to completely drill down into why specific issues are problems, because as you mention some of the bullets aren’t clear (at least for why I or others thought it was a problem).

The list wasn’t stored, I just wrote it from memory (based on my own testing and conversations I’ve participated in) and also skimmed the beta section post titles.