Relay Station TRS-150 doesn't spawn scriptures

Ran Relay Station TRS-150 with scriptures with a group of friends, we scoured the entire map, and found 0.

Only had it happen once so far, not sure of repo rate.


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
18:00 GMT 02/12/2022

Reproduction Rate:
Once so far…

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console-2022-12-02-16.35.42-5a4c754a-1ae3-4b31-9058-a5d538f57580.log (599.1 KB)

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I’d relogged after the mission, this could be wiped
darktide_launcher.log (47.2 KB)

Sometimes it really feels like you looked everywhere, and no Scripts are to be found.

I dunno if its a bug or not.

On TRS-150 I once got two Scripts in the same area, “right below where you found yours”, so who knows if that map is more prone to bugged Scripts.

Just ran the same mission again and we found 2 without too much issue, no idea where the 3rd could have been, but there was a demonhost we avoided, so maybe near it.

Could be some iffy spawns.

I miss just having fixed locations you could learn rather than them just being randomly hidden and wasting your time every mission

Thank you for your report. For now it sounds like you had bad luck and couldn’t find them, but we’ll keep an eye on similar reports in case there’s an actual issue going around.

I suspect there are issues with the spawns, but it’s hard to test fully player side without debugging mods we had in V2 modded realm. Which meant we could report issues like this, which got fixed: The reason bots jump off cliffs?

We checked every known grim location on that first run and found no scripture spawns, including the known bugged grim spawn that couldn’t be picked up (not sure if fixed as of latest patch).

I’d say I’ll continue to check but without a weekly, I don’t find scriptures or grims worth the effort or in the case of grims, the risk considering their tiny reward.