Rejoining/continuing expedition after crash?

Is it possible to re-enter an expedition after it has been closed or after a crash? We can’t play a single session without someone crashing within the hour it takes and it appears you are prevented from rejoining your friends entirely, yet random people are allowed to join. Am I missing something?

This doesn’t sound like the intended behaviour - I’ve added your report to our database for investigation. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you Julia. For further clarification, once one of the members of the party crashes or disconnects from steam it disallows them from rejoining the expedition and displays the same message that appears when trying to rejoin deeds (which I think should be totally removed for this reason, as crashes are too common for everyone).

I could have sworn that Markus the game designer said yesterday on stream that you would be able to continue expeditions after leaving them, but I could have misheard/been mistaken. Regardless, I think that definitely should be the case. As it stands, we can’t play it and are disappointed because it was quite fun.

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