Regiments or Inquisitorial factions

Ok, this is an idea that probably won’t see the light of day but I thought it was kind of cool and so decided to write it up and post it an overview of the idea.

That is that we could have a kind of “guild” system in one of two versions primarily connected with cosmetics, dialogue and immersing ourselves into the game.

The basic idea is that players could pick which regiment they want their character(s) to hail from and so we get some cosmetics and dialoge for free to be for example Krieg, Steel Legion, Cadians etc. or even creating entirely new uniforms for custom regiments.

Everyone who joins a guild/regiment gets access to this free stuff to their characters. And then as the players of a guild/regiment manages challenges and quests they unlock stuff both on a personal level as well as the guild/regiment so that for example we start to get medals, rank insignia etc. for memebers in the guild/regiment along with more dialoge.

And so allow greater immersement the more people play and complete these challanges and quests that pops up like in Vermintide 2.


Instead of regiments as the fluff for guilds we could have factions within the Inquisition which provided us with cosmetics and dialogue in the same way as described above.

Or you could have the same stuff without the guilds/regiments/factions and just allow us to gain these kinds of stuff from playing the game a whole lot. But somehow I am a bit intrigued by the concept of having organizations within the game to faciliate co-op teamwork on behalf of that organization.

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