Refund Aquila? Accidental purchase

I may have the wrong group. I made an accidental purchase of the commissar jacket I just wanted the boots. I should’ve paid more attention. I really don’t want the jacket and would love to have my Aquila back for something i actually want.
I’m on Xbox



No problem - I’ve reverted the purchase for you.


YA can I get a refund on my steel legion helmet so I can buy the new updated one that has all of the parts that should have been added to the one at the start

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Thank you so much! :heart:

@FatsharkJulia I have but one last request from the great omnissiah this request is due to my own hubris. When I first launched this game I bought the kriegsman bundle for veteran thinking you had to buy the whole bundle to get any of the items. I was wrong of course. You can buy select pieces from bundle but it was too late.

Would you please reverse the purchase of
Kriegsman helmet
Kreigsman boots
Veteran class
I just wanted the jacket for the kriegsman

Please i promise to be more diligent about how the shop works.

It doesn’t appear the items were purchased individually. The items were purchased as part of a bundle on Sat 07 Oct 2023 05:07:49 UTC costing 2900 Aquilas.

I bought the bundle assuming I had to buy the whole bundle to get the one thing I wanted. My big brother showed me that you can buy separate. Could you reverse the bundle and I’ll repurchase the jacket separately. I just wanted the jacket.

My apologies, I completely misunderstood the request lol, I’ve refunded the bundle!

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Thank you very much. May the emperor protect you. Have a blessed day

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