Red '!'

I’ve just loaded up, haven’t played any missions yet and there haven’t been any patches that I’m aware of, and I’ve never seen this before:


What’s with the ‘!’ symbol? There’s nothing I can see on either of those builds that even hints at what it could mean.

Load out contains talents, weapon or blessings that have changed with last patch


Oooooh… huh… that must have been there a while then and I just didn’t notice. Thanks for the info.

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Your loadout may also have contained a cosmetic item that has since been removed from your inventory. For example, we all got granted the Fatshark Dev portrait frame a while back, I equipped it, and when they fixed the issue, my loadouts that had it got the red exclamation point over it. I changed the frame to something other than what it defaulted to and it went away.


Was this explained anywhere? Outside the patch notes?

Oh, I’ve just remembered, I also see that red exclamation point when you’re missing an item from that loadout. You may have bartered a weapon or sacrificed one to Hadron, sold a trinket, or a talent was completely changed - as in, not just “tweaked a value”, but presumably an entirely new talent with a different internal ID replaced one you had before, like a few Psyker talents in the past, amongst others. This also ties in with the missing cosmetic I mentioned before.

I can’t confirm the talent thing, but I’d like to think it’s a decent guess.

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That’s probably correct about the talents tbh. Both of those builds of mine haven’t changed in a while and they both have Wrack and Ruin equipped, which was buffed a couple of patches ago. I’ve been using a different build for a while so I must have just not noticed it before.

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