Red items drop still completely random?

Hi, have been away from this game for a long time and am considering coming back. Just to check, is the red items drop still completely random? Has there been any mechanism against the duplication or acquiring a specific red item? I remember getting quite frustrated that I never got the red weapon I want before I left this game.

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Nothing has changed. Drops are still completely random.


Did you leave before red dust was introduced? Currently you can burn down red items for 1 red dust a piece, then use 5 red dust to upgrade an orange of your choosing to red. However, you won’t get the red illusion this way sadly. Certainly a bit pricey, but at least you can use those red dupes for something useful.

Also worth noting this is the only way to obtain red DLC weapons, which don’t drop from boxes.


chaos wastes made reds pretty farmable imo

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