Recv_Backend Error

Started to play a game again with some friends and it works just about perfectly. Only one of our friends can’t make any progress due to a very specific backend error that only happens at the end of a mission.
We would make it to the very end, and immediately without taking him to the stats/loot screen, it would give him a black screen with the dreaded Recv_Backend Error and it makes him close the game.
Due to this he isn’t able to level a single character or unlock any levels without possibly playing by himself.
This happens every level only when completing it.
We’ve tried various things that we’ve scoured the internet for, such as changing IPV6 to IPV4, or verifying, and other “quick fixes” to no avail. I hope there is a fix to this soon, or at some point before the expansion comes out.
Any new help is appreciated.

The RECV_ERROR is usually a result of using the Internet Protocol Version ‘IPv6’, which I appreciate isn’t the case for him.

Is he using a VPN, or anything else that could be interfering with his connection?

No, not a VPN user, he’s not the most tech savvy person so there wouldn’t be much of anything third party that he would be using

Hmmm, okay, is there anything potentially unconventional about his set-up or connection that you can think of?

Would he be able to connect to a VPN to see if the same error occurs?

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my wife have the same problem
when the game is about to finish she had a
and she has to quit the game
all day today… nothing changed
tried switching routers and stuff
my pc run the game fine on the same router
but she just has this error

the steam profile

the logs here