Really need a server browser

Like the game so far. But playing the game without friends is exactly what you would expect. Lonely.
Whenever i try to play a map i start solo and have to play half way through to get one additional player. This is bad and i assume that i’m not the only one who thinks that. Sometimes i would get lucky and have some people joining right away in that very small one minute waiting window or i just join a group at the start or in the middle of the game.
Adding server browser will remove that completely. Keep the way it is and just add a button to open server browser and allow us to choose who we play with instead of playing every game with bots.

Off the topic. Why can’t we change personality? I get that the guy who changes your face says he is not a miracle worker but that an in game explanation. There is no reason for that not to exist.
I played The Agitator Zealot and haven’t got what i expected. Now i’m level 20 and really thinking about making a new one with a different voice…