Ready for tomorrow Fatshark?

I really hope this isnt it but at the same time I’m fully prepared for it.

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They’ve said specifically in the past that they feel like directly interacting here causes a bias on/colours the feedback given, and they would rather read what is written here in the absence of their interaction, they find it more genuine and helpful.

I do not quite agree with this stance but I do respect what they’re trying to go for here.

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Eh, I still don’t think that’s super unusual.

FS has focused more on external platforms like reddit and discord for ages now, same as most other devs.

Maybe you could try and reconnect with your family or something. You spend way too much time on here it’s ridiculous lol


I mean, imagine the information flow if they weren’t. They seem to be working more or less independently without any real leadership, and turning that into 50 official voices on the forums would be catastrophic (and hilarious).

been a alpha tester in 2 many games to count.

fatshark is easily in the bottom 10% when it comes to communication, unless you are in the “in crowd” you are not in the conversation.

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No way, what we get here is pretty normal. Dev teams who communicate openly and frequently with their players are definitely the minority.

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nah this is exceedingly bad… unless you are part of the chosen ones.

they go months and months with out a single statement here, as players leave, begging them on the way out to give them hope.

Operatives allover Holy Terra
Fatshark Forum

  • Say hello to GW boys!
  • Get ready!
  • Connect up!
  • Log up!
  • Equipment check!
  • Sound off for equipment check!
    (lot’s of “ok”)
  • HELL YES! (or FOOK NO - we will see)

wut? we have had one map on Vtide since darktide was launch and that’s it…
Now for Warhammer week we have five weapon skin and a community event.

People are talking on old announcement, mostly about sienna carrier, but nothing has come to the game except the second part of tower of treachery since then.
(maybe a carnival pack, I don’t remember if they came with the first or second part of the map).

MOH:AA was my first major multiplayer time-sink.

I never enjoyed the vanilla modes, but since all the servers were privately hosted it was a matter of choice to run more engaging game modes cooked up by the community. Simpler times.

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Wow you are still butthurt, just looking for reasons to disagree with me. Again we return to the issue of you responding without reading things properly. “That may just indicate” is not the same as stating an absolute position, as you are trying to suggest.

It is not hard to see the activity disparity between the VT2 and DT forums. It is not illogical to wonder whether this is a sign of FS deciding which horse to back.

I understand that you still have a bee in your bonnet, but repeating your previous mistakes does little other than further demonstrate that you have a tendency to skim read / partially read posts, get all flustered, then furiously bash out your amateurish attempts at white knighting for FS, whilst simultaneously pointing doomsayer accusations at those whose opinions differ.

It would probably be for the best if you crawl back into your little echo chamber, where you can revel in the fact that no one will disagree with you there. You seem to be ill equipped for life outside of it at this point.

strictly speaking that’s the same number of maps Darktide has received.

well technicly since the first half of treachery came out before darktide if I’m not wrong, DT got one more than Vtide since we got two map in the thronside (albeit based on the same asset). But I do agree that we should have got more consdering that Vtide map are much more complexe.

They failed.


Rat click chads keep winning.

I knew it was going to be bad when they advertised previous “content drops” like they were substantial or something. Welp, that’s it till august. What a joke.

On the plus side my friends and I got some beer and snacks to watch this together literally just to see how bad it was going to be and get some laughs. On that, for the first time. Fatshark totally delivered. lol


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