Rasknitt Fight. Deathrattler

Every time I fight Deathrattler as a melee career I feel this is purely bad design.
This stupid ground slam - push back is so rediculous. There is no “blind zone” for ground slam. If deathrattler isnt near wall, sequence is pretty stupid. One attack - block - flight over middle of arena - run back to it.
Can you introduce 25 second cooldown for slam, or should it knock back only 180 degrees front, not back, I dont know, but it is for sure shouldnt be as it is, cause this is a melee focused game, and currently only way to deal significant damage to deathrattler is -> ranged

Additionally. Ground slam makes heroes fly over arena like a dog, but old veteran slave rat doesnt give a s&&t about it, and can stab you in the middle of that flight.


If you time it well you can avoid the slam and start attacking fast enough, just like the slam on war camp boss, when he goes in the middle. Dodging backwards should avoid it, unless on halberd maybe but i’m pretty sure you can still avoid it when attacking on max weapon range + back dodge.

Edit: the fact that you can get stabbed mid flight is annoying af, and has been in the game a long time :’(. It’s the same with any attack which makes your hero fly away. But the slam is avoidable so idk if it’s intended that you can get hit during ur fly across the arena because you didnt avoid the slam.


I don’t disagree that his knockback is cheap when you are 4v1 against him, but I way prefer him to constantly slam than to not.

Dodging backwards out of his slam range is a staple in keeping him locked down so that he never swaps to a new target… during every Rasknitt fight we always sick a player on Deathrattler and, due to damage-aggro, that player holds Deathrattler’s attention exclusively while the rest of us deal with adds and Rasknitt himself.

Again, I don’t deny that it makes it sorta brutish to have to brawl with him alone because there’s adds and he is somewhat incessant, but it actually makes other parts of the fight easier. Otherwise he’ll muzzle-stuff your Saltzy with a mini-gun instead of slamming the ground for 0 damage. It’s a preference thing, I think :slight_smile:

Death rattler as a melee class makes you almost obsolete.

It either slaps you across the arena, or jams a gun up your marmite fritter and pulls the trigger.

As melee you’re basically hopig to get punched on enough that some other player can actually kill him without even having too many options to fight back.

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I also agree. I think it adds merit to taking a shield into the fight! Handmaiden, in particular, shines particularly bright against Deathrattler as she has both the dodge distance to never be hit by the slam and also the shield to absorb bullets if she happens to get clipped by it.

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You can also have the air-time prolonged by ‘bouncing’ off other enemies. I’ve been stuck in the air and essentially stunlocked to death before.

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I agree; Unless you have a weapon / class with a good dodge distance, that fight is a drag since you only get a few hits in before he knocks you away even if you’re behind him (without affecting enemies…). Make his melee attacks the same as a normal Stormfiend?

As for rotblood lord lnockback, no, its not the same. Arena is SMALLER, its ROUND, his presence box is smaller, so u can literrly run around him to be punched in a closest wall, and he act more agressive, he punch, he runs for you

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If you don’t have the tools to engage the boss, appoint yourself to the adds to keep space clear for the rest of the team.

This is why QP runs fails so often here, the “run at the big guy and hit it” strategy doesn’t work very well. It also requires bring either major burst (shade) or a strong ranged career (sienna) and the RNG of quickplay means that doesn’t always happen.

I think it’s a good fight design for what V2 is in concept, but not very good for what V2 is in practice.

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You mean for ppl without common sense, yeah its not good because basic strategy works great against him but not using it and not checking your surroundings makes you ease target.

This is absolutely true, and one of the the basics of Vermintide. But when you find yourself with an unfortunate combination of classes / weapons in your team, you might be hosed. But then we’re not talking about this specific fight anymore, but rather about the core design of the game… Do you want any combination of loadouts be viable? Does adjusting a fight so that it is doable for all teams make it too flat? That sort of thing.

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I like how from “ranged boss in melee game” conversation we went to “bring shade with purple ez solution”

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Focus on Adds, Focus on Adds, Focus on Adds, Hit Boss when you can, he will die eventually. I have completely lost track of the amount of people that get downed on the very FIRST wave of slaves/clan rats that run out because they are only paying attention to Deathrattler


I fully agree the solution shouldn’t be to have to bring a specific loadout. And I’d like to be better able to fight Deathrattler with melee with all classes as well. I’d like to see the knockback toned down a lot.

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