Ranger Veteran oddities

A few different oddites happend with my new ‘Nurse’ support RV build::

  1. When one attempts to use ult and gets incapacitated before it completes and then are revived, the smoke bomb is still being wielded and one can not change to anything else until the career special is activated again in full.

  2. on occasion a potion is used and stays in inventory even though Home Brewer is not the trait on charm.

  3. sometimes a healing draught does the same thing as 2 above without Healer’s Touch being the trait on the necklace.

Talents are:

Apply Pressure
Curl Up (also happened with No Dawdling!)
Master Brewer
Heal share talent
Catch a Breath

Accessory traits:

Hand of Shallya

Multiple Melee weapons were used and always a Grudge-Raker.

RV got a new passive, 10% not to consume either of the 3 items on use.


Ok, did not notice that new ability of his, that’s cool. But the first discrepancy I mentioned is odd though, seems a bug.

In regards to #1, a similar thing happens to many of the careers if they get interrupted. For example, if Bounty Hunter has their ult primed and ready to fire, but a nearby ally gets pounced on by a Gutter Runner and the BH gets knocked back as a result of being too close, then they’re stuck in a similar situation.

I’ve been stuck “aiming down scope” regardless of what I have in my hands: my melee weapon, a tome, a potion, etc, until figuring out that I need to pull my ult back out and then put it away again.

The big problem with this is that you’re unable to block while you’re in this state, which can get you killed.

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thought it was a feature :stuck_out_tongue:

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