Ranged Weapons and Crosshairs

So I believe that this game should be played without crosshair on your screen. Immersion and all that stuff.

I have abolished it from my melee ages ago, back in V1.

However it puts you at a great disadvantage if you do the same for the ranged.

I know it is probably a lot of work and we won’t get it anyway, but can we pleeeease get some way to use the sights on the actual weapons?

Similarly, Rapier has always been a sore thumb. The free pistol shot is a beast - you can entwine it into your combos, you can kill/weaken attacking mobs - it has a plethora of uses. However it is useless without a crosshair. We could use a fix.

Frankly I really hoped to see all those improvements in V3 but… I gather we will not see it.

I think you can fix your issue with a mod, called: “crosshair customization”. Has been a while, so not sure if this is the one. Should be though.

Let me know if it helped you out and fixed ur issue.

I guess what @semn007 is talking about is an actual iron sight, so he/she doesn’t need crosshairs at all. Hope things get better in Darktide, cause it would really hurt the game if ranged weapons are just based on your crosshair on screen.


I don’t know, part of what makes gunplay in games like CS so satisfying is the simplicity of it without having to aim down sights.

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Indeed! We’re playing Vermintide though. I’d sacrifice some simplicity for deeper immersion.

In Darktide I would rather they go the route of Valorant, where you can aim down the sights but oftentimes hip firing is very slightly more efficient. I think aiming down sights can slow game pace down and I like the fast paced nature of Vermintide.

In my opinion Vermintide already lets you aim down sights on all weapons you’d want to do so with anyways. I don’t think aiming down shotgun sights would be very fun :stuck_out_tongue:

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I assumed he was looking for a crosshair on his melee, due to this. Not sure how aiming down sights on an offhand pistol would work.

Aiming down sights on the offhand rapier pistol would also remove immersion. So does adding a crosshair.

Have you heard of intuitive aiming? I’ve read that its a main method for hunters with a bow.

If it works for bow, then it also could work for gun and crossbow:

Point shooting is also a technique used by trained archers and marksmen to improve general accuracy when using a bow, crossbow, firearm or other ranged weapon. By developing a muscle memory for a given weapon such as a handgun, the shooter can become so accustomed to the weapon’s weight and where it is aimed that they can remain relatively accurate without the need to focus on the sights to aim. By continuously practicing with a weapon, a shooter can develop a subconscious hand-eye coordination utilizing proprioceptive reflex to aid in the proper and accurate use of a ranged weapon to the point that they can fire said weapon by “instinct”.

…is represented in the games by crosshairs since time immemorial. It’d be much more immersive to have an option to be able to shoot effectively without them though - like they did in the Insurgency series…

The pistol on the rapier doesn’t really do enough damage to be useful. I mostly use it to aggro enemies. On Bounty Hunter, it will consume your guaranteed critical hit (Blessed Shot) AND trigger the Swift Slaying trait on your rapier, so you can proc Swift Slaying ever 6 seconds with Cruel Fortune if you hit something, which is pretty easy if you are surrounded by a horde. I find the pistol’s utility pretty niche.

Try headshotting with WHC/BH.
I don’t say that it outdamages main ranged weapons, but it is superuseful (if you can headshot).

I’d rather just stab an enemy in the head with the rapier tbh.

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i can advise you to make your ranged crosshair a simple dot only, without the side lines, and white color - via the mod. Looks pretty minimalistic and better for immersion than the default.

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The Rapier’s pistol is useful for:

  • Stagger.
  • Killing an enemy that’s been pushed into the horde and you can’t reach it with the Rapier (mainly for shielded enemies).
  • Can be cheesily used while blocking for free damage in contexts where attacking normally would result in getting hit.
  • On Cata a quick combo is one BoP shot on a Blightstormer/Leech then switching to the Rapier and using the pistol special to finish them off. Saves a shot which is useful in high intensity content.
  • Free damage on approach.
  • As you identified aggroing enemies.

I could and I used to do it, but I’ve stopped due to 1.5 simple reasons:

  1. Laziness - I play with all characters, so I have to turn on melee crosshair each time I play WH and turn it off each time I switch to another character;
  2. Immersion - even a minimalistic crosshair (the default is fine IMHO) breaks it.

Yeah, and rapier is a beast at stabbing heads, however the pistol comes in handy when you get out of the range of meleeing and instead of doing nothing can rather kill 1 more enemy with a well-placed hs. It’s all about the flow and being more effective. I’m a bit sad cause my WH is not using rapier to its full capacity.
BH shines in here cause the pistol can utilise the blessed shot, so you get 1 OP crit every now and then.

how is that related to making crosshair for ranged weapons a simpler one - just a dot? Is there some problem with the mod, when you need to turn on/off melee crosshair? There’s a setting in the game itself, show crosshair: on/off/ranged only, if i remember correctly.

are you also turning off other UI elements (health, ultimate, ammo, teammates info)? Because immersion is never perfect, there’s always a better option (VR than monitor, swinging a sword irl or pulling a trigger, than clicking a mouse), but what each of us consider immersion breaking is a relative thing, partially our habit, partially our expectations.

I’d turn off absolutely everything possible that’s not necessary. I don’t use those mods which show enemies HP, your teammates’ talents/gear and other stuff. I’ve disabled the icon that shows that you need rescue.
I can give you a good example of games which has worked the GUI into the game almost seamlessly: Dead Space and (to a lesser degree) Bulletstorm.
When I played Bulletstorm years ago I was overwhelemed by how immersive the game had been (it was one of the first games I’ve played with ADS) and thought that all the games would be more like that. Sadly I was mistaken.
The game would only improve if we get an option of good ADS without crosshair crutch.

i disagree. ADS is a realistic element, and as always including more realism has an impact on gameplay. Negative impact includes:

  • either slowing down gameplay for non-sniper weapons (now have to ADS), or not using ADS for them, but lacking accuracy.
  • you can’t see half the screen while aiming down sights, especially with irons. Imagine sighting with a bolt of a crossbow - it would be insanely more hard to snipe and lead targets, because you wont see anything what’s below the aim point.

You also can’t make intuitive bow shooting w/o on screen crosshair possible.

Important question is what the game is supposed to do. Its not a mil-sim in medieval ages. And examples of Deadspace and Bulletstorm - they could incorporate more immersive, in-world UI due to them being sci-fi games, like having laser sights, hologram inventory, and health meter on the back of Isaac.

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