Random thought: Animosity

I was thinking of how cooldown reduction is about the only talent taken at level 25 for WHC. Wouldn’t it be interesting if one option was rather like the Pathfinder spell Blistering Invective? In Pathfinder that demoralizes enemies but can also cause them to catch on fire (your words are that furious). While the actual burning part wouldn’t necessarily fit, imagine if a level 25 talent made it put a DoT on enemies? I’m thinking comparable to Handmaiden’s Bleed, maybe a bit weaker - but the idea would be that by taking this you’d be able to clear out chaff from around the party. It’s still on a 1:30 cooldown this way, so while it’d be useful, thematic, and cool, it probably wouldn’t be able to break the game.


I personally think all cooldown talent should be reworked into something with like 10-20% cooldown plus a weaker effect, and generally speaking a lot of ult passive should see changes.

There’s a lot they could bring to Animosity. Increase crit damage, apply a DoT as you suggested, make smaller ennemies flee so you can target the armored with more ease, tag all nearby ennemies to proc his passive…


Wait, so you not using duration talent? I thought everyone using it.
I think talent for increased radius should be altered somehow because it is definitely less used one. Maybe as fear inducing? So the enemies will flee from you.

No I’m already reloading bop before it ends…

For team, in boss encounter and for melee combat duration seems like good idea.

I do exaggerate, of course, I am sure there are people who take all talents in the game and many will swear by them, but I think most people go for 30% cooldown reduction. It seems that many people (while they find the crit quite useful) tend to prefer the ability for its knockback to get out of sticky situations, and so the two other talents are much less common picks.

The cooldown reduction is pretty much the best and most picked one.

I don’t think that plain 30% cdr is a bad talent as it has almost always it’s build and uses but whc’s other two are quite lame in my opinion.

I still haven’t given up on Accusation (the tabletop ability witch hunters have dealing quite some dmg) and would appreciate a side grade like merc’s ability to pick everybody up that gives the ult a whole new aspect to it.


I’ll be honest, I expected Accusation to be his active ability.

The radius increasing ult talents seem to be fairly weak, maybe a secondary effect should be added to balance them out a bit.

Take the Unchaineds Flame Wave as an example. Now imagine if flame wave and the also arguably weak Blazing Crescendo were combined into one talent. This would make for a more viable pick, although it wouldn’t be a go to pick like CDR usually is, it’d just let builds be more diverse. The only problem is now we need a 3rd talent as replacement since the other two combined into one, perhaps just adding one that increases the Unchaineds power by 25% for 10 seconds when she ults would be good enough, the FK already has this ability, so i don’t think it’d break the game balance wise, although siennas ranged attacks would become quite strong during the 10 seconds .

Anyway, this is just an idea i had, you can apply similar things to other characters, like how TC suggested with WHC.

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